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Bunny Burrow Open

The entrance to the Bunny Burrow open.

The Bunny Burrow is a location in the adventure Return of the Phantoms. It is used where the player receives the Phantom Key, which allows them to open the Phantom Door. It is the home of the NPCs George, Clover and presumably Blinky (she states that George and Clover are her friends and is directly outside). The Bunny Burrow is guarded by Binky before the player revives all of the plants with the water pails (12 for hard mode, 8 for normal), but the door opens and she allows them to enter after the player waters all of them.


The Bunny Burrow is an Enchanted Hollow Den decorated with many bunny-like items, such as the Bunny Banner. Other non-bunny themed items appear, such as the Cake Bake Kitchen



A player about to pick up the key.

When the player enter the Burrow, they must walk down to the deepest room. Clover waits for them there. She states that she found the Phantom Key and that she thinks that it opens the Phantom Door "over there by the tall grass." The Phantom Key will then appear for the player to pick up and unlock the Phantom Gate.


  • The items placed in the Bunny Burrow changed after its initial release to include more items released thereafter.
  • There is a similar-looking entrance in the Call of the Alphas, however, it cannot be accessed like the Bunny Burrow.