Not to be confused with the Baker's Table.

The Cake Bake Kitchen is a members-only den item that was first released in December 2011. It can be bought at the blue (den item) orb, which is on the lower floor of Epic Wonders.


The Cake Bake Kitchen consists of two separate units placed next to each other. One unit appears to have four stove burners and an oven with a mitt hanging off of the side. This unit is colored light pink. The adjacent unit is a counter with two cupboards and two drawers. On top of the counter are various bowls, pans, and ingredients. The counter is colored purple and the drawers are colored brown. There are no other variants of this item.


  • It went on clearance for a short period starting in February 2012 before returning on April 24, 2012.
  • This item can be seen in the kitchen of the Dinner Party.
  • It can also be seen in the Bunny Burrow in Return of the Phantoms.
  • Clicking one of the bottles and one of the bags can make a cake; there are different varieties.
  • The varieties of cake colors only include yellow, white, pink, and purple in them.
  • The grey bowl and brown spoon are identical to the bowls and spoons seen as part of the Winter Fire Pit Table.


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