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Call of the Alphas is a party that was introduced to Animal Jam on June 22, 2017. Similar to the Paradise Party, it has a Journey Book page that will give out prizes once all the items have been found.


Call of the alphas panorama resized

A complete view of the party

The Call of the Alphas party takes place in a variety of different environments, including a jungle, volcano, desert, mountain, and beach. Each environment consists of its own unique characteristics, such as the jungle containing a variety of trees, phantom goop, and other structures. The cave shows lava to be flowing throughout the cave in numerous places, as well as in one area where a whole pool of lava is contained. The desert, being the smallest area in the party, is surrounded by a body of water, similar to that of The Forgotten Desert, and contains similar looking items and decor. The beach is similar to that in Tiki Trouble and contains huts and rocks like that. 

Journey Book

There are many different items scattered around this party, and each item is related to one of the Alphas in some way.

Middle Section

  • Location of the Goggles
  • Location of the Cloak
  • Location of the Hat
  • Location of the Camera
  • Location of the Earring
  • Location of the Seed Bag
  • Location of the Paint Brush
  • Location of the Journal
  • Location of the Wrench
  • Location of the Compass
  • Location of the Map
  • Location of the Armor

There are 12 items in the first part in the middle, and most of them include some animation where the player must wait in an area until the item appears. The prize for finding all of these items and completing this section of the Journey Book is the Alpha Archway.

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Items Location
Call of the Alphas Map Map
(Sir Gilbert)
It pops out of the brown barrel that is in the desert about once per minute.
Call of the Alphas Compass Compass
It is in the desert at the far top corner.
Call of the Alphas Journal Journal
It appears periodically in the second hole in the lava cave, past Peck's paintbrush. The hole is not visible from Peck's paintbrush.
Call of the Alphas Brush Brush
It is stuck in the web above the paint cans next to the first hole in the lava cave.
Call of the Alphas Earring Earring
It is hidden under the carrots and appears once in a while.
Call of the Alphas Goggles Goggles
It is hanging on the laundry strings that spins, by the houses that are near the goop.
Call of the Alphas Hat Hat
It appears under a tree north of the bunny village and gets knocked away periodically by a boom seed.
Call of the Alphas Cloak Cloak
It blows through the trees near the phantom goop frequently.
Call of the Alphas Armor Armor
(Sir Gilbert)
It is placed inside of the blue tent to the right of the phantom goop area.
Call of the Alphas Wrench Wrench
It gets spewed out of the lava in the near core of the cave.
Call of the Alphas Camera Camera
It is located in a cluster of white flowers near a bridge.
Call of the Alphas Bag Seed Bag
It is located to the left of the front-most entrance to the cave closest to the player spawn area.

Left Section

  • Location of the Elixir
  • Location of the Gears
  • Location of the Lockpicks
  • Location of the Knapsack
  • Location of the Chalk
  • Location of the Medal
  • Location Of knapsack in form of a backpack (2)

There are 6 different items in the second part on the left, and all of them are laying around in open sight. The prize for finding all of these items and completing this section of the Journey Book is the Alpha Fountain.

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Items Location
CotA Cosmo's-Elixir Elixir
It is against a cliff wall along a path in the snow-covered mountains.
CotA Graham's-Gears Gears
It is precariously balanced along the edge of a magma lake in the mountains.
CotA Greely's-Lockpicks Lockpicks
It is along the south cliff of the mountains right along the edge of the desert.
CotA Liza's-Knapsack Knapsack
It is placed on the grass on the side of a forest path near the ancient ruins below the mountains.
CotA Peck's-Chalk Chalk
It is resting along the treeline in the southern region of the forest.
CotA Sir-Gilbert's-Medal Medal
(Sir Gilbert)
It is set on a rock at the base of the snowy mountains.

Right Section

  • Location of Liza's Flower
  • Location of Pecks Pigments
  • Location of Cosmo's Sapling
  • Location of Sir Gilbert's Horn
  • Location of Greely's Shard
  • Location of Graham's Schematics

There are 6 different items in the second part on the left, and they're all located at the bottom left area of the map. Three of them are hiding in plain sight, while the other half is animated. The prize for finding all of these items and completing this section of the Journey Book is Alpha Stepping Stones.

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Items Location
CalloftheAlphas Lizas Flower Flower
It is along the bottom edge of the left-most forest just above the beach.
CalloftheAlphas Pecks Pigments Pigments
It appears in the waves along the top-left section of beach about once a minute.
CalloftheAlphas Cosmos Sapling Sapling
It is along the bottom-right corner of the beach next to some cliffs.
CalloftheAlphas Sir Gilberts Horn Horn
(Sir Gilbert)
It is placed on a rock out in the ocean just below the outlet of the river.
CalloftheAlphas Greelys Shard Shard
It appears about once per minute under some sand at a cliff face that is below the carrot patch.
CalloftheAlphas Grahams Schematics Schematics
It appears behind the curtained doorway of the top-most hut along the beach about once every two minutes.


  • This and the Paradise Party are the only parties to be featured in the Journey Book.
  • This party has the only Journey Book page with fictional items. The other Journey Book pages have real animals and plants.
  • It seems that each of the mainland Alphas gets two representative items each.
  • This party has the same name as the book released by Animal Jam, Call of the Alphas.
  • The very first time this party showed up on the parties list, it was switched to the Paradise Party 5 minutes before starting.
  • This party can also be accessed through the Call of the Alphas Book, The Phantoms' Secret Book, or the Mystery at Mt. Shiveer Book.
  • This party originally only had one Journey Book prize, but additional prize sections were added on October 12, 2017, and March 1, 2018.
  • This is the first place to have a Journey Book page with multiple prizes.
  • There is a glitch where some players, especially those playing from the web browser instead of the downloadable app, cannot click any of the Alpha items to add them to their Journey Book. Resizing the screen can sometimes make a small portion of the items clickable.


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Journey Book Items (Middle)

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  • Bag item description
  • Cloak item description
  • Earring item description
  • Brush item description
  • Journal item description
  • Hat item description
  • Map item description
  • Wrench item description
  • Goggles item desciption
  • Armor item description
  • Camera item description
  • Liza's compass item description

Journey Book Items (Left)

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Journey Book Items (Right)

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