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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Camel.


The Camel is a members-only land animal. It was released on August 8, 2019, at the Diamond Shop, as well as in the "Choose an Animal" menu when creating a new animal. It later left on November 26, 2020, but returned on November 4, 2021. It left again on December 3, 2021.

Default Appearance

The default coloring shows a large hairy camel with a tan body, ears, and face; long and shaggy brown hair is covering the tips of its two humps, as well as its neck and head; and brown hooves tip the ends of its long legs.


Acts Description
Sits with its two front legs bent in front of its body.
Slides its legs side to side, then stops to repeat.
Lays down with its head on the ground and its two front legs in front of its head.
Jumps up and down.
Looks up, then down, then does a wacky dance move.


  • The Camel is the 2nd animal that originally was introduced in Play Wild prior to its introduction in Animal Jam Classic, the 1st being the Red Panda, the 3rd being the Arabian Horse, and the 4th being the Moose.
  • Many back items, such as the Backpack or the Witch's Broom, are incorrectly positioned on the side of the Camel.
  • The neckband of the Tie changes into a different color when worn by a Camel.
  • November 4, 2021's Jamaa Journal issue includes the exact same "Camels have Arrived" article portion from the issue when Camels were officially released.