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The Candy Cane Collection is an unofficial set of den items that all feature striped candy canes. The main items were first released during December 2018, although there are many similar items that were released in previous years.


Each of the items in this set have red and white candy canes and candy spirals as key elements. They each include holly leaves and berries as decorations as well. Each item has eight different color varieties, but the colors of the holly and candy cane do not change.


Name Members-Only? Gems
Candy Cane Sofa 1 Candy Cane Sofa Yes 850
Candy Cane Chaise Lounge1 Candy Cane Chaise Lounge Yes 750
Candy Cane Chair 1 Candy Cane Chair Yes 550
Candy Cane Table Lamp 1 Candy Cane Table Lamp No 450
Candy cane lantern Candy Cane Lantern Yes 750
Candy cane pathway Candy Cane Pathway Yes 850
Candycanewindow Candy Cane Window No 550
Candycanefountain Candy Cane Fountain Yes 2,500
JamaalidayBundleDenItems9 Candy Cane Table Yes N/A


  • Some items share similar elements of candy canes and holly, but they have different names and were not released together:
Items With Similar Content
Name Members-Only? Gems
Jamaaliday sconce1 Jamaaliday Sconce Yes 500
Decorativejamaalidayfireplace-0 Decorative Jamaaliday Fireplace Yes 750
  • Some items have similar names with a focus on candy canes, but they do not include the holly decorations and were not released together:
Items With Similar Name
Name Members-Only? Gems
CandyCaneCandles1 Candy Cane Candles Yes 350
Jamaaliday-Shop Candy-Cane-Lamp Default-Off Candy Cane Lamp Yes 500
Shop Candy-Cane-Lights Candy Cane Lights No 300
Jamaaliday-Shop Candy-Cane-Rug Candy Cane Rug No 350
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