The Candy Cane Table Lamp is a non-member den item that was released on December 9, 2018. It can be formerly purchased from Jam Mart Furniture.


The Candy Cane Lamp appears as a colored four-sided lamp with a darker shade of the same color for the borders and corners on each individual side. An image of a sprig of holly, with two green leaves and three maroon berries, is also on each side. Joining the corners of each side are dark-red-and-white candy canes, with the curved parts pointing upwards. Holding up the panels is a red-and-white striped, thick candy cane that sits on a lighter shade of the main color base trimmed with the darker shade. On the base is another sprig of holly with two green leaves and two maroon berries. A red-and-white striped chain holds a small candy cane to pull on for a light. Warm yellow light illuminates everything underneath the top part of the lamp. When the lamp is clicked on, the light turns off. This item comes in eight different color varieties, in which the color of the borders, base, and lamp change.




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