Captain Melville's Juice Hut, often referred to as the Juice Hut, is a place that can be found in Crystal Sands. Jammers can stop by to cool off, relax, and drink some ice-cold smoothies. 


From the outside, the Juice Hut looks like a traditional hut, with sticks and wood. It has a golden-colored roof made of hay-like strings, and there is a sign that has a pineapple with lemon-shaped figures to the left and right on the roof. The front of the Juice Hut has a small wooden deck with a mini-table that includes some smoothies. On the wall near the entrance is a sign that shows a smoothie with a fruit wedge and a tiny umbrella placed on the rim of the glass. On the left side you can purchase the Pet Kitty.

The inside of the Juice Hut is dimly lit with a grey-brown wood floor and green walls. One corner of the hut features a stage that includes a microphone, a guitar, and an amp speaker. Hanging from the roof of the hut are little bowls that hold certain exotic fruits. There is a window on the far wall of the room and it shows some of the outside beach scenery. Near the entrance of the Juice Hut is the smoothie bar; it consists of a curved counter-top with a smoothie machine placed to one side and the front of the counter is lined with little shelves that hold various tropical fruits. Above the smoothie bar is a string of glowing lanterns that have colors such as sea-green, sun-burst-yellow, and ocean-blue. On the far left of the hut is an arcade machine and towards the front is a seating area with various mats and a rounded step that glows green.


The primary attraction here is the Smoothie Machine, a mini-game that Jammers can play to obtain a fruit smoothie Holdable Icon. This location also includes The Claw, an arcade game that can be found in various locations around Jamaa; it can reward an assortment of Plushies, but it requires Gems to play. There are also some non-interactive features of the Juice Hut such as a music stage for Jammers to dance on, pillows to sit on, and a front counter to play around. A game called Fast Foodies is also available.


  • The building in Crystal Sands during the beta days was closed, it was revealed to be the Juice Hut in Summer 2012 when Crystal Sands' appearance was changed.
  • Its name might be derived from Captain Ahab, a famous character in a novel written by Herman Melville.