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Carnival Darts is a single-player mini-game that can be found in the Summer Carnival. It was first introduced on August 16, 2012.


The objective of this game is to launch darts at moving targets using a crossbow. The player can move the crossbow left or right using their left and right arrow keys on their keyboard; to fire the crossbow, the player can either press the up arrow key or the space-bar on their keyboard. The first two rows of targets are balloons, with each row moving in a different direction. Above the balloon is a row of balloon Phantoms and they occasionally move down towards the crossbow; if they reach the crossbow, they will eat some of the player's remaining darts. There is also a swirling group of golden balloon Phantoms at the top center, but they do not drop down like the regular Phantoms. There are two special balloon types: letter balloons, which light up the "PHANTOM" sign at the top, and dart balloons, which provide the player with bonus darts. The game ends when all of the player's darts are gone.


This game rewards roughly 1 Ticket for every 200 points scored for scores less than 20000, and 1 Ticket for every 100 points scored for scores that are 20000 or greater. Hitting the first row of balloons will reward 100 points per balloon. The regular and dart-type balloons on the second row will reward 200 points each. Hitting the letter balloons on the second row will reward 1000 points multiplied by the number of letters obtained; the final letter obtained rewards 10000 points. Hitting the regular balloon Phantoms rewards 500 points each and hitting the golden balloon Phantoms rewards 1000 points each.


  • Like most of the other games at the Summer Carnival, this game costs 5 Gems to play and it does not have any Achievements associated with it.
  • It is based off Sega's 1980 arcade game Carnival.


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