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This article is about the den. For the pet item based on it, see Pet Castle.

Castle Den.png

The Castle is a members-only land Den. It was first released during September 2010, soon after Beta Testing ended. It is currently sold at the Den Shop.


It consists of a large, medieval-themed stone castle with two balconies, a wooden drawbridge, a flowing moat, a main room with an entrance, a basement, and a large field with a clear, dirt pathway. The inner walls are stone bricks, while the floor is made entirely out of cobblestone.


  • This was the first members-only den released.
  • This den was used as part of the background for the April Fools' Party, but everything was turned upside-down including the castle itself.
  • The Trading Party uses a background that is based on this den; the inside layout is the same, but the moats are slick with ice and the lawn is snowy with a different layout.
  • This den is also used as the background for the medieval-themed Jammer Parties.
  • Another castle-themed den is the Princess Castle, but its color palette and layout are different.
  • With the King of the Jungle Membership Card (which is no longer available), the player had the option to choose either a free Castle Den or a National Geographic Kids Magazine Subscription.
  • Unlike many other dens, there are no unique patterns for the wallpapers and floorings that can be used on this den.
  • There is an unreleased room file of an incomplete version of this den.