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The Chamber of Knowledge is a building in the northern part of the Lost Temple of Zios.

First Floor[]

The first floor is a place where Jammers can read Minibooks about the different types of animals in Jamaa. There are bookcases in the background containing books and crystals. Jammers can also take the online Safety Quiz here, (the globe sign near the far right), and if they get all ten questions correctly, they will win a plaque. Right beside the Safety Quiz, there is a ladder that Jammers can climb. There are thirteen candles scattered along the back wall, all of which can be lit by clicking on or near their wicks.

Second Floor[]

On the second floor, statues of the six original Alphas and the games Mira Says and Gem Ball reside. Some of the candles in the foreground light up when clicked. To the left of the room, there is a tapestry depicting Mira and the Phantoms. There are seven candles in the foreground that can be lit by clicking them.

Mystery Emporium[]

The third floor is a small room called the Mystery Emporium. Jammers can buy statues of most of the Alphas and Den Portals. A circular window shows a misty night with three telescopes in front of it. There is an assortment of items, such as the Rare Skinny Lamp, placed by sale signs. On a desk in the right-hand corner, there are two interactive candles that can be lit by clicking them.

Basement of Secrets[]

The bottom floor is a small, dimly lit room called the Basement of Secrets. It appears to be cluttered with many different ancient artifacts. On the back wall is a large bookshelf that holds a variety of books with a climbable wooden ladder leaned against it. On the right side of the room are a tall pile of chests, pots, scrolls, and other assorted trinkets, such as a shiny oil lamp. There is a candle on the left side and another one along the back wall on the right side, both of which can be lit by clicking on them.


  • The first time a Jammer completes the Online Safety Test and answers all the questions correctly, they win a Safety Plaque; completing the test more than once will only reward Gems.
  • There is a glitch where clicking the large wall torches, located on the columns on the first floor, will cause the game's frame-rate to drops considerably until the player moves. This glitch does not occur if the player is using a flying animal.
  • The Basement of Secrets can only be accessed by clicking a certain location in the empty forest below Appondale on the Jamaa World Map. The location that must be clicked is approximately aligned half-way between the Adventures button and the Epic Dens button as well as roughly below the "PO" for the "Appondale" label on the map.
  • Previously, Jammers could read articles from National Geographic magazines.
  • There are statues of the main alphas on the second floor however Greely is separated from the rest.
  • During the Beta Testing, the third floor of the chamber was not present.
  • In the earliest stages of Beta Testing, the Chamber of Knowledge was instead called the "Chamber of Mysteries". The layout was also slightly different.