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Not to be confused with the Chomper Clam.
Chomper Plant

The Chomper Plant is an adventure component that appears in numerous Adventures, debuting in Return of the Phantoms. They are used for trapping Phantoms.


Chomper Plants are plants that look very similar to venus flytraps. They are green with a red "throat," but appear dark purple when dehydrated. Watering a dehydrated Chomper Plant will restore it back to its original green color. When they are used they will wilt and sink into the ground disappearing, but they can also instead still be used again.


They were created by Cosmo as a tool to fight the Phantoms.


Players can lure phantoms into the Chomper Plants, after which the plant and Phantom will disappear, with the exception in Battle for the Beacon, where the plant becomes dehydrated after use. They may drop 25 gems after trapping a Phantom.


Chomper Clams[]

Similar to Chomper Plants, there are underwater variants called Chomper Clams, which also trap Phantoms, the only difference is that they are only found in underwater Adventures, including Bubble Trouble, In Too Deep, and Turning the Tide. They have very similar anatomy to the Chomper Plant, except it is a golden-brown color and has a clam-shaped head. They work the same way as Chomper Plants, disappearing after being used once.

Underground Chomper[]

Another Chomper Plant that is also similar is the unofficially named Underground Chomper. Its debut is in the Adventure, The Hidden Falls. Unlike the original Chomper Plant, the Underground Chomper is blue with yellow lightning bolt strikes on the top, and a darker magenta in the "mouth". Just like the original, it will trap any Phantom lured close by a player, and will disappear thereafter.


The Mechachomper is an invention of Graham's that appears in the the Adventure The Phantom Badlands. It appears broken in an Adventure until the player uses a gear to fix it. Unlike all of the other Chomper Plants, the Mechachomper does not disappear after it traps a Phantom. Once the player fixes the Chomper, it can be used to trap an unlimited number of Phantoms.


  • In Cosmo's house seen in Meet Cosmo, he is shown having a sack of Chomper seeds.


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