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For the shop located here, see Pet Den Item Shop.

Claws 'N Paws is a pet shop that can be found in Appondale. It was introduced alongside the very first pets on June 23, 2011. It includes adoption icons for Jammers to purchase pets and members can enter the Pet Stop to add accessories to them. Pet-themed den items can also be bought here.


Claws 'N Paws is a shop hosted in a tree, which has spread-out branches that one can walk on. There is a wooden sign with a butterfly next to the door.

The inside of this tree has an overabundance of different types of pets and their icons scattered across the floor and stairs. You can click these icons to customize, name, and buy the certain pet with the icon you clicked. The music playing inside is a melody of string instruments intermixed with the sounds of various pets.


Everything in this place is related to Pets in some way. One of the pet-related games here is the Pet Stop, where members can play dress-up with their pets and purchase permanent outfits in the process.


The Pet Den Item Shop is located up the ramp towards the back of this place. As the name suggests, it sells den items that relate to pets in some way.

Adoption Icons[]

While any currently available Pets can be purchased from one of the adoption icons depending on the animal avatar being used, the following are the actual adoption icons found here:

Pet butterfly1 Pet Butterfly
Pet Ducky - Infobox Pet Ducky
Pet frog1 Pet Frog
HamsterPic Pet Hamster
Pet Kitty Infobox Pet Kitty
Pet Puppy Infobox Pet Puppy
PetSnake Infobox Pet Snake


  • Animal Jam Headquarters originally intended for the building to be Peck's house as well as a Den Item shop. However, this was changed when it was decided that Pets should be introduced through a pet shop.
  • Claws 'N Paws usually houses older, more original pets.
  • There was a Pet Turtle adoption icon in Claws 'N Paws, but it was replaced with the Eggstravaganza stand.


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