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The Clothing Shop was a shop that only sold non-member clothing items. It was first introduced during February 2014 and was originally located on The Blue Heron, a tutorial that was later removed. In November 2016, it was re-introduced in the Welcome Party, but this tutorial was also removed, making the shop currently inaccessible.


List of Clothing Items
Items Type? Gems.png
Necklace1.png Necklace Neck.png 45
Tieblue.png Tie Neck.png 100
Tiara.png Tiara Head.png 250
Shop Police-Hat Blue.png Police Hat Head.png 150
BW01.PNG Butterfly Wings Body.png 150
Shop Spiked-Hair Pink.png Spiked Hair Head.png 300
Knight Helmet Default.png Knight Helmet Head.png 450
Shop Head-Flower Yellow.png Head Flower Head.png 350
Shop Star-Cape Purple.png Star Cape Body.png 200
DM 1.png Dragon Mask Head.png 250
Old Hood.png Old Hood Head.png 80
Old Blanket.png Old Blanket Body.png 200


  • The items sold here are actually from different shops: ten are from Jam Mart Clothing and two are from the Shiveer Shoppe.
  • This shop became inaccessible for a long period when the New Jammer tutorial was updated.
  • When this shop was at The Blue Heron, it was impossible to change each item's colors because they lacked the color-spinner button.