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For the shop found inside this party, see Cloud Shop.

The Cloud Party is a party that was first released on June 10, 2015. It is available for members with a flying animal such as the Eagle, Owl, Falcon, Toucan, and Flamingo.


The background of the party

The Cloud Party is set in whimsically-styled clouds, with a rainbow going through the middle. The entrance is two joined trees, which seem to be growing out of the clouds. The sun is shining by the southwest, and at the bottom of the party there seem to be mountains. If the player goes to the east, there is a storm and the clouds get darker. There is also a waterfall. The party is based on the weather. It has two shop areas containing rainbow-themed clothing and den items.


  • The Cloud Party is only for member flying animals, as there are currently no non-member flying animals. It is the second members-only party (the first being the Horses Only Party).
  • The color of the den items can be changed even though the name of the item says 'Rainbow'.
  • The color of the clothing items do not have other color variations, unlike the den items.
  • Only Eagles, Owls, FalconsToucans, Flamingos, and Great Horned Owls are able to access this party.
  • All of the items in this party are members-only since there is no need for there to be non-member items, hence there are no non-member flying animals.
  • The clothes in the Cloud Party do not have moving colors like the armor in the Diamond Shop.
  • There was a glitch where land animals can attend this party. It is unknown if the glitch has since been patched or not.
  • There was a glitch where a Goat could access the Cloud Party on the first day they came out, but on the second day, the glitch was patched.
  • There was a glitch where a Koala could access the Cloud Party, but this was later patched.


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