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The Clover Armor Set is a collection of members-only clover-themed clothing items sold at the Diamond Shop. The set was first released on March 5, 2015, and it consists of five pieces. New variants were released with slightly different colors on March 2, 2017. The set was released again as part of the Lucky Skunk Bundle in March 2019.


All of these items use various shades of green as their main colors, but the original rare variants are primarily a lighter-green color with darker accents whereas the newer variants are inverted with lighter-green accents and darker-green primary colors. The rare variants all share tan border colors while the newer varieties have golden borders. Both the helmet and the gauntlets are animated, with coins streaming up around the gauntlets and a shining clover on top of the helmet. The rare variety uses golden coins, but the newer variety has silver coins.

Armor Set[]

Newer Versions

Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeDiamondUnavailable Since
Diamond-Shop Clover-Helmet 2017Clover Helmet1-Head2April 11, 2024
Diamond-Shop Clover-Necklace 2017Clover Necklace (Land)2-Neck1April 11, 2024
Diamond-Shop Clover-Armor 2017Clover Armor3-Body3April 11, 2024
Diamond-Shop Clover-Gauntlets 2017Clover Gauntlets4-Legs1April 11, 2024
Diamond-Shop Clover-Tail-Armor 2017Clover Tail Armor5-Tail2April 11, 2024

Older Versions

Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeDiamondUnavailable Since
Diamond-Shop Clover-HelmetRare Clover Helmet1-Head2April 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Clover-AmuletRare Clover Amulet2-Neck1April 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Clover-ArmorRare Clover Armor3-Body3April 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Clover-GauntletsRare Clover Gauntlets4-Legs1April 1, 2019
Diamond-Shop Clover-Tail-ArmorRare Clover Tail Armor5-Tail2April 1, 2019


  • The Clover Gauntlets and Clover Helmet are animated, with golden coins floating around the player when worn.
  • This is the seventh armor set sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • The original, lighter-green variants received a golden "Rare" tag and "Rare" was added to the start of their names on the release of the recolored set in March 2017.


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