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This article is about the place. For the music item, see Club Geoz (Music).

Club Geoz is a dance club located next to the Sol Arcade in Jamaa Township. It was first introduced sometime during Beta Testing. It was changed to members-only for a short period after Beta Testing ended but later changed back to being accessible for all Jammers. On October 12, 2017, the Lines of Power tore Club Geoz down, leaving debris scattered on the ground; as a result, Club Geoz was no longer accessible to Jammers. On November 2, 2017, this room was replaced with the Alpha Headquarters. After the Phantoms took control over the Lines of Power on September 28, 2023, the building returned adjacent to the Sol Arcade while the Pillow Room was relocated to the top right of Jamaa Township.



On the outside, Club Geoz appears to be a medium-sized building. There are three flags hanging above the doorframe and music symbols are imprinted all around the building. Its outside appearance changes every season. Previously, its exterior size was larger, but it became smaller in 2013 when the Diamond Shop was added.


On the inside, there are stairways that are located to the left of the room, which is where the player enters Club Geoz. Speakers are spread throughout the room, as well as many spotlights. In the center of the room, there is a round, checkerboard-themed dance floor surrounded by lights. To the right is a stairway that leads up to an area with a set of turntables, presumably the place for a DJ.

Located next to the stairways are the game arcades for Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter. At the back of the room, there is a small, green couch with a few pillows resting beside it. Towards the bottom right is a stairway with a red rug laid on top of it, leading to a Photo Booth surrounded by lights.


  • Club Geoz was originally next to the Diamond Shop, but moved after it was destroyed and returned, it was moved to where the Pillow Room formerly was, next to the Sol Arcade.
  • The construction of the Play Wild Party is based on Club Geoz.
  • If enough people dance on the dance floor, the spotlights will turn on and a disco ball may appear briefly.
  • Club Geoz's main layout was flipped horizontally originally such that the door to enter and leave was on the right side of the room. This was changed so that the door would match with the exterior when it was relocated sometime after June 2010, during Beta Testing.
  • It was originally located in a different building and the building where it is currently located was originally used for Jam Mart Clothing in the early stages of Beta Testing. It was relocated to its current building sometime after June 2010.
  • There is a non-member music den item that uses a slightly edited version of the music that played in Club Geoz. The item can be obtained from a code that came with a Jazwares playset that is based on Club Geoz.
  • When Club Geoz was torn down, a new secret shop was added. The secret shop sold only one item, the Club Geoz Hat and Headphones. This shop was removed when the Alpha Headquarters replaced Club Geoz's ruins.
  • The ruins of Club Geoz are still visible behind the Alpha Headquarters.
  • Club Geoz was most likely named after the National Geographic Society, as supported by the fact that it was removed in 2017, the same year the partnership between National Geographic and Animal Jam Classic ended.
  • According to the "Backgrounder/Storyline" section on a page on the Animal Jam website in 2010, Club Geoz was originally going to be named "Geoz Dance Club".


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