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This article is about the music. For the place, see Club Geoz.

Club Geoz is a non-member music item for Dens. It was released in July 2016 and can be obtained by redeeming a promotional code that comes with the Club Geoz Playset Jazwares Toys. It was released to stores on June 16, 2022, at the Play Wild Party.

Cover Art

The cover shows a purple and white checkered dance floor lined with a shiny cyan color. A flashing disco ball is above it, as well as five sets of music notes.


This song has a fast, upbeat tempo with elements of jazz and rock. The main melody is played initially by a saxophone, but it later changes into a synthetic electronic instrument. Some other instruments in the background include a bass guitar, a record scratched on a turntable, a cowbell, a drum set, and other various electronic noises. There is a voice that says "DJ" a few times, and near the end says, "This DJ is so funky, man!".


  • This music is nearly the same as that of the Club Geoz room; the only exception is a portion near the end.
  • It is the first released non-member music item not including the default music, AJ Melody.
  • The promo code that rewards this item also rewards the Neon Dance Floor and a 2-week membership as part of a set.