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The Coat Of Arms is a members-only den item.


The Coat of Arms consists of two swords crossed behind a shield and hanging on a wide rectangular base beneath them. The shield is made of gold and has a rounded base with three sharp points at the top. The center of the shield is red with a golden cross in the middle and a bright-yellow crown shape at the center. The swords behind the shield are long with sharp tips, dark-brown handles, light-brown hilts, and light-brown pommels. The base behind the swords and shield consists of dark-brown wood with a lighter border around the edges. At either side of the base, there are two shiny, silver, griffin-like figures wearing crowns and holding swords. This item has only one variety.


The Coat Of Arms was initially released on April 28, 2016, in the Graham's Workshop and returns annually during the spring months. It was most recently released on May 2, 2024, in the Graham's Workshop and left on July 3, 2024.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Graham's WorkshopApril 28, 2016Unknown
Graham's WorkshopMay 25, 2017Unknown
Graham's WorkshopApril 26, 2018Unknown
Graham's WorkshopMay 16, 2019Unknown
Graham's WorkshopMay 26, 2020Unknown
Graham's WorkshopMay 6, 2021July 1, 2021
Graham's WorkshopMay 5, 2022July 7, 2022
Graham's WorkshopMay 4, 2023July 6, 2023
Graham's WorkshopMay 2, 2024July 3, 2024