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The Conservation Museum, previously named the Animal Museum, is a building located in Appondale. It was introduced as the Animal Museum on April 14, 2011, along with the new land, Appondale, but it was later changed to the Conservation Museum when Monkeys were put on the endangered list on May 24, 2012. The purpose of the museum is to teach Jammers about animals and raise awareness about conservation efforts. On May 1, 2018, all the items left, and then later returned on May 10, 2018.


The outside of the museum features a domed building that has a ridge of lime-green and teal tiles placed into a diamond-shaped pattern. The top of the dome seems to be some type of frosted, green glass. The outer wall of the building has greek-style columns for support.

The inside of the museum has a large mosaic tile floor with elaborate patterns and many colors. The walls of the museum are dark yellow with large cracks running through them and there are several different styles of columns along the back wall. There are also a variety of displays lining the wall. The museum's ceiling consists of a blue stained-glass dome that glows from the sunlight outside. In the center of the museum is a wooden table with papers and crayons all across the surface. On the right side, near the door to Appondale, is a small hat shop with a cash register. Also near the door to Appondale is a clear donation box full of Gems with a padlock on the front. On the far left side of the museum is the doorway that leads to Appondale Theater.


Some of the attractions in the museum include The Claw arcade machine, the Print and Play table, the Museum Shop, the Safety Quiz, and the Appondale Theater.


The museum features information about plants, animals, and biomes that changes regularly. It used to contain information on wolves, elephants, rhinos, koalas, rabbits, monkeys, pandas, tigers, and crocodiles. All of these animals were represented by statues, photos, tapestries, and busts. Each individual animal would have a summary alongside with slideshows and a video.


As part of the change from the Animal Museum to the Conservation Museum, a donation box was added near the entrance on the inside of the museum. This donation box was originally intended to allow Jammers to donate Gems to determine which part of the National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative would receive donations from WildWorks, Animal Jam's developer. However, WildWorks has since cancelled their licensing deal with National Geographic and deleted their "How can I support Animal Jam's conservation efforts?" article on the Animal Jam Help Center.


  • The original Museum Den Shop that sold animal-themed den items was replaced with the Museum Shop that sells animal-themed hats on October 10, 2013.
  • On May 28, 2015, the Appondale Theater was added to the museum.
  • When asked in the past about how the donation of Gems helps conservation efforts, an AJHQ representative on The Daily Explorer said: "Basically the gems you donate help us decide where AJHQ should be sending real money donations. So if you donate gems to cheetah conservation efforts, then that's where AJ's real donations will go."


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Antlers, Horns and Tusks[]

In honor of Deer returning to Jamaa, visit the Conservation Museum to learn all about animals with different antlers, horns and tusks.

Antlers, Horns, and Tusks

Wild Peak[]

Learn all about plants and animals that live in the mountains by visiting the Conservation Museum and checking out the wild peak exhibit!

Wild Peak