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Coral Canyons is a gorge-like land full of red dust and sandstone. It was released on September 9, 2010 (January 2015 for the Play Wild app), as a celebration shortly after the Beta Testing ended. It links to Sarepia Forest from a bridge that is slightly north-west and there is also a path to the Canyons Pathway in the south-eastern corner, which also links to Crystal Sands.


This land is surrounded by a desert landscape with steep rock cliffs along the west side and sheer ledges of a canyon on the northeast side. Along the east side is a small waterfall that flows into a small stream and then down into a pond at the south-west corner. A stone step trail leads under the waterfall to the east, up along the edge of the canyon, west across a stone arch bridge, and then back south down the side of the cliff to form a loop. In the background, there are more mountains, cliffs, and clouds along with an occasional coyote and bird moving in the distance.


  • Coral Canyon Bridge - The bridge, often called the "unbreakable bridge", is the main group attraction in Coral Canyons. If two or more Jammers hop on it, the bridge will start to crack. As more Jammers join in hopping on the bridge, chunks of rock begin to fall and the cracks become larger. When most of the Jammers have joined the group jumping, eagles will appear below and fly out from under the bridge to flee the falling boulders. However, the bridge cannot be broken further than this point even when the room is full and all of the Jammers are jumping on it.
  • Art Studio - This place is located at the center of Coral Canyons in a small room that looks like a house on the outside. Inside, there are a variety of mini-games that all relate to art, such as the Painting activity where Jammers can create their own masterpieces. There is also a small shop that sells painting-themed items.
  • Wild Explorers Tent - This is a tent located along the edge of the cliff along the right side of the canyon. Inside the tent, there are educational materials such as printable science experiments and videos of the Wild Explorers series.


  • Den Depot - This is a shop that only sells Dens. The storefront is embedded into the side of the cliff to the left of the unbreakable bridge.
  • Royal Ridge - This is a shop that can be found up on the side of the cliff above the Den Depot and is only accessible to flying animals. Most of the items are members-only, with only one non-member item. The items sold are relatively expensive compared to other shops and all royal-themed—hence the name Royal Ridge.
  • Epic Wonders - This shop has a generous amount of strange and mysterious items that change periodically. The items are quite expensive, all costing at least 800 Gems. It can be found in a cave behind the wall of water at the base of the waterfall


Games Description
Icon of Best Dressed.png Best Dressed This game is located up some stairs to the right of the bridge that leads to Sarepia Forest. The game involves dressing up in a variety of clothing in limited time to compete in a fashion competition where Jammers vote for which animal is the best dressed.
Icon of Long Shot.png Long Shot This game can be found at the edge of the pond that the waterfall flows into. It involves using the right timing to launch an armadillo as far as possible, bouncing on geysers and moles along the way.
Sky High Icon.png Sky High This game is located on a ledge overlooking the canyons, just to the right of the unbreakable bridge. The game involves jumping on clouds and avoiding phantoms to collect gems and reach a treasure chest at the very top.
Sssssnakenewspaper.jpg Sssssnake This game can be found just to the right of the waterfall at the edge of a cliff. It involves controlling a snake to eat mice without accidentally biting its growing tail.
Icon of Swoopy Eagle.png Swoopy Eagle Located down some stairs just right of the unbreakable bridge, this game involves navigating an eagle through a narrow corridor of cacti.

Journey Book

The Journey Book for Coral Canyons contains eleven plant and animal features, from the Sonoran areas of Western USA and Mexico, that can be found to win a Cactus Chair.

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Species Location
Coral Canyons Saguaro Cactus.png Saguaro Cactus This cactus can be found outside the bottom of the waterfall of Epic Wonders.
Coral Canyons Tarantula.png Tarantula It will crawl on the small rock to the left of the bridge near the waterfall.
Coral Canyons Scorpion.png Scorpion This will crawl out from under the lavender flowers to the left of the staircase in front of the Art Studio.
Coral Canyons Woodchuck.png Woodchuck This animal can be found on a rock just above the scorpion to the right.
Coral Canyons Cardinal.png Cardinal This bird will fly on a branch of the large tree to the right of the Den Shop in the South West.
Coral Canyons Coyote.png Coyote The coyote is very small and will be in the distance. Walk on the bridge to the right of the Den shop.
Coral Canyons Falcon.png Peregrine Falcon It will be flying in the sky near the Pet Kitty adoption icon.
Coral Canyons Dandelions.png Dandelion It will be just down from the bridge and beside the waterfall on the left.
Coral Canyons Gila Monster.png Gila Monster It crawls on the rock to the left of the bridge near the waterfall, just above the tarantula.
Coral Canyons Rattlesnake.png Rattlesnake It will crawl out between two cacti, just to the right of the Best Dressed game.
Coral Canyons Honeybee.png Honeybee It can be found swarming around a hive above Best Dressed.


The completed Journey Book page on Coral Canyons

  • It seems to be based on the famous Grand Canyon and the Sonoran Desert.
  • There is a rumor that a long time ago Coral Canyons was underwater since the name 'coral' is an underwater animal. However, there has never been any indication that this land is related to an underwater area.
  • There are many false rumors that the Coral Canyons bridge can actually be broken if many Jammers jump on it. The specifics of these rumors vary, but most of them claim that Jammers will receive some sort of reward as a result. Animal Jam Headquarters has not officially denied the rumors about the bridge, but they have hinted that the Coral Canyon bridge will never break.
  • Coral Canyons has the second most number of shops, the first being Jamaa Township.
  • On the first day or two of the Royal Ridge flying animal only shop's release, there was a glitch that allowed all animals to walk up to the top. This was patched quickly.
  • If Jamaa Township is full, Coral Canyons is the next place that Jammers will be auto-transferred to, if available.
  • The Den Depot was formerly the location of Coral Corner, a shop that once sold outdoor furniture and pottery. It was removed in July 2011 and for a period of time the location was barren, but the Den Depot was later opened in its place.
  • In the Animal Jam: Official Insider's Guide, it is stated that it is based on the Sahara, the Gobi, and the Grand Canyon.
  • Coral Canyons is thought to be the alpha Greely's guardian land.


We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery. We have heard rumors and reports that throughout Jamaa, special and amazing things happen when Jammers gather.

Reports have just come in of a “rocking” good time Jammers have had on the stone bridge in Coral Canyons...
~ AJHQ on The Daily Explorer


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