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This article is about the music item. For the land, see Coral Canyons.

Coral Canyons is a members-only music item for Dens.

Cover Art[]

The cover art for this music is a cartoon-like drawing of the lookout point near the top of the canyon.


This music has a slow rhythm with a calm melody. It features a flute playing the main melody with some type of large drum setting the rhythm and some faint maracas in the background. The music also includes some ambient sounds of wind blowing through a canyon.


The Coral Canyons was initially released in December 2011 in the Music Shop.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Music ShopDecember 2011N/A


  • As the name suggests, this is the music that is played in the background at Coral Canyons.