Hey there! I am Cosmo, the koala Alpha. Welcome to the special part of Jamaa that I like to call home!
~ Cosmo introducing himself in Meet Cosmo

Cosmo is the Alpha of the Koalas. He was introduced in 2010 as one of the first six Alphas, but his first appearance in the game was as a statue released in 2011. He was not actually seen in the game until the Meet Cosmo Adventure was released in 2013. In the Adventures, he is responsible for the invention of Boomseeds to help battle the Phantoms.


Cosmo is a pale reddish-brown koala with even paler marks and underside. He has amber eyes, a dark gray spoon-shaped nose, and four white flecks above each of his eyelids. He has paler fuzzy eyebrows and a reddish-brown beard in the Beta Testing artwork. He has an old witch-pointed olive-green hat with a daisy on the top and a sandy-brown patch on the front middle part. He has an olive-green moss skirt and carries around a thick wooden staff topped with an azure-colored horn with a candle attached to it.


Cosmo the koala Shaman is an expert herbalist. He makes up for his small stature by being very animated and cheerful about everything, and feels that even a small person can have a big personality. Cosmo is a true academic, and loves to study books and do field research. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and their uses, and he's often consulted by other shaman about threats to the natural world. He acknowledges the spiritual world but prefers to concentrate on things that he can see and touch... and eat. As a mentor to new koalas in Jamaa, Cosmo is friendly and patient with beginners. He's a natural born teacher and loves taking a group of students out into a field to study plants.
~ Shaman Animals Lore
In the Call of the Alphas novel, he is often found talking to the plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs, treating them no different from the animals of Jamaa. He can hear them and speak to them like any normal person having a simple conversation.
The koala Alpha Cosmo once got a tree to move out of my way, just by asking! Cosmo has a way with plants, I tell you!
~ Arthur, Play Wild's Traveling Salesman


Meet Cosmo: Cosmo first appears in this Adventure where he greets the player warmly at the beginning, where he then talks about the new potion he has invented. The Player helps him make this potion to create the Boomseeds, a weapon that can blow up Phantoms. He then helps the player by partly guiding them through the rest of the Adventure.

The Hive: He appears again in this adventure, where he greets the player at the start, saying that he will meet them up ahead. When the player meets Cosmo again and learns about Greely being in the same cave, he is confused because Greely didn't tell the other alphas that he would be there. At the end of The Hive, he congratulates the player on defeating one of the Phantom Kings.

The Great Escape: In The Great Escape, he appears at the start and comes up with a crazy idea in which the player gets captured and then destroys the Phantom fortress from the inside. At the end of The Great Escape after the Player tells him that they saw Greely at the top of the tower before the volcano erupted, Cosmo seems worried and tells the Player that the alphas will figure out a plan, as well as have a talk to Greely about his solo missions.

Greely's Inferno: He appears at the start of Greely's Inferno and tells the player to meet Graham up ahead, however, he doesn't appear again until the very end of the adventure. When the player has reached the very end of Greely's Inferno, Cosmo learns that Greely supposedly risked his life to save Jamaa from the erupting volcano and states that he was a hero.

The Search For Greely: In The Search For Greely, Cosmo, along with Liza and Graham, ambush Greely's hideout. At the end of the adventure, when the player and the alphas meet Greely, Cosmo questions him and furiously claims that Greely betrayed them. When Greely explains his motives and reveals the Phantom Beacon, Cosmo seems confused by it and wants more evidence that such a silly myth actually exists.

Turning The Tide: He only appears at the very end of Turning The Tide, where he expressed surprise that the player managed to save the Bottlenose Brigade and Tavie, the Alpha of the Dolphins, as well as intercept the tail replacement Graham made for her. When Cosmo is talked to again he thanks the player for their assistance and mentions that the ocean finally has time to heal after the Phantom's wicked ways.


Teleportation- Cosmo has the ability to teleport from one place to another like most of the other alphas. When he teleports, a big leaf comes and then Cosmo appears. When he teleports out the big leaf comes and warps Cosmo out.

Invention of Boom Seeds- Although Graham is the Alpha who is best known at inventing things, Cosmo invented the boom seeds to fight against the phantoms. It is most likely that Cosmo is the person who spawns the Boom Seeds while a player is on an adventure.



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