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Cosmo's Den is a members-only land den that was released on December 19, 2013, at the Diamond Shop. The den returned on March 4, 2021, but left on May 7, 2021.


On the inside, both floors have small cracks filled with flowing water. There are also built-in wooden shelves on the walls. There is a staircase made of leaves between floors. The wallpaper usually turns plant-themed. The flooring turns into carpets that are placed in various different sections of the den. There is a small stream flowing from upstairs to downstairs, which flows into a puddle at the corner with lilies and lily pads. Outside, there is a big field with trees.


  • This den is featured in the Meet Cosmo adventure and appears to be part of a giant tree.
  • The flooring is shown in rugs and mats that cover the ground, instead of one continuous floor. This is the first known den to have this feature.
  • During the Denstravaganza event, it only cost 3 diamonds.
  • The outside entrance is similar to the entrance to the Enchanted Hollow den.
  • Although it is much bigger, it only has one entrance, unlike the one in the adventure.


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