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Not to be confused with the Tree House Den, Cosmo's Den, or Andrews Dungeon of Doom.


Cosmo's Tree House is a members-only land den that was released at the Diamond Shop as well as the Den Shop on November 16, 2017. It went on clearance on July 9, 2018, and was removed from stores on July 19, 2018. It came back on August 8, 2019.


This den is a large three-story den. This den is heavily inspired by Cosmo's Den, only with a staircase that leads to the third floor, which is a tower overlooking the surroundings. Connected to the tower is another platform. Outside the den, there is a pathway that leads to a forest area and another little wooden house outside. To the right of the den is a river along a stone area accessible by a ladder.


  • When a carpet or flooring is selected it takes the form of several rugs in different patterns, all with a similar color scheme throughout.


Unique Patterns

Wall Patterns

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Floor Patterns

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