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Crystal Reef is an underwater area that has a multitude of oceanic greenery and colorful plants. It was first released on September 15, 2011, along with Bahari Bay, Deep Blue, Sharks and Dolphins.


Crystal Reef is an eye-catcher, arguably the most vivid in color and is based on The Great Barrier Reef, due it having similar wildlife. It has many of the common marine animals known, including clownfish and marlin. It also has an access to Crystal Sands by climbing the Northern ladder. The Northeastern cavern guides you to Bahari Bay, while the Southeastern cavern leads to Deep Blue. It is one of the smallest worlds in all of Jamaa. There is also an effect made by a silhouette of some coral on the sides.


  • Flippers 'N Fins - Located along the bottom left of this area is a round wooden door with a seahorse-shaped window. This door leads to Flippers 'N Fins, a small place where all of the adoption icons for underwater Pets can be found. This place also contains an underwater version of the Pet Stop game.


Journey Book of Crystal Reef

The completed Journey Book page on Crystal Reef

Games Description
Icon of Eat Em Up Eat 'Em Up In this game, players must move their mouse to guide the fish. The goal of the game is to eat prey without getting eaten by predators. By catching a squid, players can earn an extra life.

Journey Book[]

This journey book page consists of eleven animals and landscape features that can be found all around Crystal Reef. The reward for completing this page is the Pufferfish Plushie.

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Species Location
Clownfish Clownfish Found just left of the ladder and below the dock, the clownfish is tiny and bright orange. It appears after the green, animated anemone is clicked.
Marlin Marlin The marlin will swim across just below the Flippers 'N Fins door, and then back.
Brain Coral Brain Coral The brain coral is found far below the entrance to Flippers 'N Fins and just left of the tunnel that leads to Deep Blue.
Staghorn Coral Staghorn Coral The staghorn coral is located just above the entrance to Flippers 'N Fins.
Feather Duster Worm Feather Duster Worm Found just below the Flippers 'N Fins door, the feather duster worm pops out of small tubes frequently.
Lobster Lobster The lobster is found on the rocks above the entrance to Flippers 'N Fins.
Flounder Flounder Found underneath the Crystal Sands sign, the flounder is camouflaged with the rocks, but its animated eyes can still be seen moving around.
Sting Ray Stingray The stingray swims diagonally across the bottom of the area near the Deep Blue tunnel.
Humpback Whale Humpback Whale The humpback whale will swim across the background between the Deep Blue tunnel and the Flippers 'N Fins door.
Tube Sponge Tube Sponge Found just right of the Flippers 'N Fins door, the tube sponge looks like a cluster of pink-purple tubes.
Acorn Barnacle Acorn Barnacle The acorn barnacle is on the rock to the upper right corner to the entrance to Flippers 'N Fins.
Crystal Reef Pufferfish Pufferfish The pufferfish will swim from the left side of the area across the door to Flippers 'N Fins.


  • Crystal Reef and Bahari Bay share the same music.
  • There is a glitch where your animal will be swimming above the surface of the water near the Crystal Sands ladder.


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