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Not to be confused with Sandy Shores or Speedo Sands.

Crystal Sands is a beach-themed location in Jamaa with waterslides and other water park themed attractions. It was first introduced during Beta Testing. It has a sandy path leading to the Lost Temple of Zios on the left side, a dock leading to Crystal Reef along the bottom, and a cavern leading to Mt. Shiveer at the top. Coral Canyons can also be reached indirectly from this land via the archway that leads to the Canyons Pathway on the right side, and Kani Cove can be reached as well by going through the porthole in Tierney's Aquarium.


Crystal Sands consists primarily of a tall, rocky cliff that leads down to a beach. The right side of the area features a large wooden building beside a stone archway path that leads up to the cliff. The cliff has a cave at the top and waterslides leading down to the beach as well as one short water slide leading to a pond halfway up the cliff. A rope net leads left of the cliff to a wooden water feature and then down to a sandy path along the left side of this area. Just left of the cliff base there is a small wooden shack with a thatched roof. Down in the water of the beach, there are short wooden docks and a small green island. The background of Crystal Sands shows dense jungle leading out to faint mountains under a cloudy blue sky.

Original Appearance

Crystal Sands before the renovation.

Before it was remodeled on July 7, 2011, Crystal Sands had a very different appearance. The overall perspective of this land differed from all the others in that it focused more on the horizon and was less of an aerial view. The sandy cliff was originally larger, with various paths, rocky outcroppings, and tropical plant life. The cliff also included three extra caves (four in total), one of which was shaped much like a roaring Sir Gilbert. At the base of the cliff were a pair of tiki statues and a river that curved around the left side of the cliff. The right side of Crystal Sands was originally lacking much detail, with only sand, some plants, a palm tree, and a large boulder. The shack on the left side was much wider than it is today, and it was set further back as well. The background originally showed a much denser tropical forest that led up to a sheer mountain cliff; behind this cliff was a large, erupting volcano with a plume rising above it.


  • Water Slides - Similar to the Mt. Shiveer ice slide and Sarepia Forest tree slide, the water slides in this area can be used to obtain the "Whee!" achievement. There are four slides in total: two interconnected slides on the left and two shorter slides on the right.
  • Sea - At the base of the water slides and all along the bottom of this area there is water that Jammers can swim in.
  • Captain Melville's Juice Hut - Outside it appears as a small hut with a straw roof. The sign is an image of a pineapple with lemons, inside out the walls are painted green with a theme of blue and yellow to compliment the color. The interior has a live band stage to play on, a Smoothie Machine to get a cool drink and The Claw machine to win plushies.
  • Tierney's Aquarium - This large building is named after Doctor Tierney Thys, a marine biologist. It is built on a raised white pier and it consists of large wooden planks arranged in a cylindrical shape. The outside is painted teal with a red-orange roof and thick rope embellishments. The interior is full of various underwater equipment that has an associated video when clicked and there is a Touch Pool game that can be played for Gems. This is also home to Tierney's Theater, with a collection of videos about Tierney answering Jammer's questions.



Games Description
Icon of Overflow-0.png Overflow On how to play, click the pieces to rotate them and lead the path to the sand castle. Longer pathways give more Gems as well.
Double Up Icon.png Double Up Click on the holes to reveal the animals. Pair all the animals before the timer stops to earn bonus Gems.
Smoothie Machine game.png Smoothie Machine Choose between flavors: orange, strawberry, grape, and banana. Fill the cup with the fruit you decided on, and do not catch any other falling fruit! Then enjoy your glass of your berry delight with a tropical parasol pick.
The Claw-0.png The Claw For only five Gems, earn a possible rare plushie or an endearing companion! Who knows what type of plushie you would receive in a box? Note: you may not receive a plushie at all, but keep trying!
A Dog in the Pet Wash.png Pet Wash Press the water tap, then select a shampoo (Pink, green, blue, yellow). Next select green, yellow, or red and click the handle. Afterwards, wait and choose a pink or blue towel. Your pet would now appear sparkly. Members only.
Touch Pool Games Window Display.png Touch Pool Run your mouse over marine animals to earn plushies and Gems. Can you Catch 'em all?

Journey Book

The completed Journey Book page on Crystal Sands

Most of these organisms are indigenous to tropical regions such as the Caribbean islands and parts of Central/South America. Key:

Standing = Always there
Moving = it will move around, so be patient
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Species Location
Cacao Tree.png Cacao Tree To the left of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.


Centipede.png Centipede Climbing on the roof of the Pet Wash.


Macaw.png Macaw On the roof of Tierney's Aquarium, walking on the rope.


Basilik Lizard.png Basilisk Lizard The western waterfall at the left of the Mt. Shiveer pathway, on the rocks and running across to the bushes near the Pet Wash.


Flamingo.png Flamingo Bathing next to the Bahari Bay dock to the left. There should be one rock formed outside of the water.


Tapir.png Tapir Next to the entrance to Mt. Shiveer, at the left rocks it appears from under.


Green Iguana.png Green Iguana On the roof of Captain Melville's Juice Hut.


Tide Pool.png Tide Pool The far Eastwest corner of the area, or the far right of the sea, below Tierney's Aquarium.


Sand Dollar.png Sand Dollar Between the left slides, where they split.


Crab.png Crab Crawling around on the shore in front of Tierney's Aquarium every now and then.


Sugarcane.png Sugarcane Left of the cacao tree, near The Lost Temple of Zios entry.



  • Not only do they have similar names, but Crystal Sands and Crystal Reef are also the only areas that have both land and ocean features.
  • It was one of the only areas to not have a shop until August 31, 2017, when the Cake Shop was introduced, but that shop has since been removed.
  • Crystal Sands is the only area to have ever been completely remodeled.
  • The Pet Wash stand was originally introduced on July 20, 2011, at the bottom left corner of this area, but it was relocated to the stone arch path when Tierney's Aquarium was introduced on March 15, 2012.
  • Crystal Sands is one of the 4 original lands.
  • In August 2017, two unreleased rooms by the name of Speedo Sands and Sandy Shores were discovered, which are both testing versions of Crystal Sands during its remodeling process. Some Jammers who accessed these two rooms were suspended.
  • If both Jamaa Township and Coral Canyons are full, Crystal Sands is the next place that Jammers will be auto-transferred to, if available.
  • There used to be what seems to be a sandpiper where the flamingo was. This was later removed on an unknown date and for an unknown reason. It was most likely for the lore.


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