Deep Blue is an ocean area in Jamaa that represents the deepest parts of the ocean, namely the Abyss. It was first released on September 15th, 2011, along with Crystal Reef, Bahari Bay and along with Dolphins and Sharks.

It has some of the most different, bizarre, and mysterious looking animals, such as the Viperfish and Fangtooth. It connects to Crystal Reef to the lower left, Bahari Bay at the top, and Kani Cove to the right. This area is mostly vacant, as Animal Jam's ocean areas are uncommon.


  • Phantom's Treasure - Use your mouse to find all of the hidden objects in the photo. Find all of the objects and earn bonus points. Be careful! If you select the wrong object, twenty points will be deducted. Left over hints will earn you bonus points to the score. Two levels can be selected: Hidden Reef and Sunken Ship.

Journey Book

Journey Book of Deep Blue

This journey book page consists of eleven animals and landscape features that can be found all around Kani Cove. The reward for completing this page is the Porthole Fish Tank.

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Species Location
Coelacanth Coelacanth Can be seen swimming near the Bahari Bay sign.
Fangtooth Fangtooth The fangtooth swims along the ocean floor.
Frogfish Frogfish The frogfish is swimming back and forth under the Crystal Reef sign.
Giant Isopod Giant Isopod The giant isopod can be seen crawling to the left of the Kani Cove sign.
Giant Squid Giant Squid The giant squid can bes seen swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.
Gulper Eel Gulper Eel The gulper eel appears from the left side on the very bottom of the Deep Blue area.
Hatchetfish Hatchetfish Found swimming across the screen near the Kani Cove sign.
Deep Blue Oarfish Oarfish Look for the oarfish in the open area above the Kani Cove entrance.
Deep Blue Viperfish Viperfish You can find the viperfish swimming near the Phantom’s treasure game.


  • There is also a Firefly Squid and Yeti Crab that are usually seen near the hydro-thermal vent at the bottom but it is not for the Journey Book, unlike the above animals. In addition, an unknown fish swimming in the area that leads to Crystal Reef from this area but that is not for the Journey Book, as well.
  • The Hatchetfish from The Deep Blue can be seen swimming in the porthole-fish tank.
  • The Deep Blue is home to three shops.
  • The Deep Blue is also the only ocean land that cannot be accessed from the surface.


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Diamond Shop Underwater