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Deer profile

The Deer is a members-only land animal.

Default Appearance[]

Their appearance is muscular, tall and somewhat stiff. It also appears to have a long snout and tall legs with black hooves. The default deer has no antlers and a nicked ear. It has light brown fur and a tan underbelly.


Acts Description
Sits with all hooves in one spot in front of belly.
Tiptoes backward on all of its legs and then jumps back.
Head dangles down and legs curl up. Breathing is noticeable.
Like a deer jumping through the forest, they hop high up and down repeatedly.
Pretends to be eating grass before jumping up, eyes looked alerted/startled and the deer turns both ways as if watching for predators.


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  • Deer were released when the 2013 Jamaalidays started. This is possibly due to deer (specifically reindeer) traditionally having a major role in Christmas (which the Jamaalidays are based on).
  • If the spot pattern is used on a deer, the spots go all over the neck to the back like a real life Deer.
  • The special plushies for the deer include a yellow deer with an Aviator Hat and a jetpack, a green deer with a hat and sled, and a blue deer on a wintry sled, wearing a gift box.
  • It is possible the Deer's alpha is Sigurd, an alpha resembling a male deer, due to a statue of him located in the Chamber of Knowledge.
  • Similar to the Eagle, Fox, and the Arctic Fox, their play action has to do with obtaining food.
  • They have their own animated short like the KangarooCheetah, Rhinoceros, and Otters, named "Oh Deer".
  • When Deer were listed as "Exploring" and no longer available for purchase in October 2015, there was no warning or explanation from AJHQ.
  • The Deer's default pattern color is a unique shade of bright red, which cannot be changed back.
  • Certain neck items clip through the Deer when sitting, such as the Right Friendship Necklace, Turquoise Necklace, Diamond Necklace, Spirit Amulet, and Clover Amulet.
  • When you sleep, a glitch occurs in which the Deer appears to lose its nose.
  • There is a glitch where, if a Deer does the “Play” action, the Deer will stop mid head-turn during its look-about.


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