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Den Portals are an in-game feature that allows Jammers to link their den with the dens of their buddies. They can be used by any visitor to the den if the linked den has not been locked by the owner. They were first introduced to Jamaa on May 15, 2014 in the Den Portal Shop, but they were later relocated to other stores on May 29, 2015. A new set of custom portals was released for the Wild Weekend event during July 27–30, 2017.


Den portals come in a variety of shapes and designs, but they all share the same eight symbol and color combinations: red heart, orange triangle, yellow star, green square, blue circle, purple diamond, white moon, and black phantom eye. There are three different shapes available for den portals: "Floor", "Wall", and "Arch".


Currently the portals are divided among four shops: Jam Mart Furniture, Mystery Emporium, Diamond Shop, and Sunken Treasures.

Jam Mart Furniture[]

Item Price Members-Only?
Wood Arch Den Portal 1,000 Gems Yes
Wood Wall Den Portal 1,000 Gems Yes
Wood Floor Den Portal 1,000 Gems Yes

Mystery Emporium[]

Item Price Members-Only?
Stone Arch Den Portal 1,500 Gems Yes
Stone Wall Den Portal 1,500 Gems Yes
Stone Floor Den Portal 1,500 Gems Yes

Diamond Shop[]

Item Price Members-Only?
Small Wood Den Portal 1 Diamond No

Sunken Treasures[]

Item Price Members-Only?
Porthole Wall Den Portal 1,000 Gems Yes
Porthole Floor Den Portal 1,000 Gems Yes

New Portals[]

These portals were sold in the Diamond Shop and, unlike the other den portals, these lead Jammers to specific land areas rather than other Jammers' dens. Each of these were based on the Stone Arch Den Portal design.

Items Members-Only? Diamond
Jamaa Township Portal red Jamaa Township Portal No 1
Crystal Sands Portal red Crystal Sands Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Appondale-Portal red Appondale Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Sarepia-Forest-Portal red Sarepia Forest Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Mt-Shiveer-Portal red Mt. Shiveer Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Lost-Temple-Of-Zios-Portal red Lost Temple Of Zios Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Kimbara-Outback-Portal red Kimbara Outback Portal Yes 1
Diamond-Shop Coral-Canyons-Portal red Coral Canyons Portal Yes 1


  • Despite appearing in all the available color combinations, the color of the Small Wood Den Portal cannot be changed manually. Instead, its color changes randomly each time the player enters the den.
  • After the April 28, 2016, update that added more buddies, a glitch emerged where linking multiple portals at a time would cause the portal buddy list to appear blank.