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The Den Shop is located at the North-West part of Coral Canyons. A shop that was introduced on July 19, 2012. It sells land Dens and some underwater Dens. On March 6, 2014, an underwater version of this shop was added to Deep Blue, where only ocean dens are sold. A Jammer can also access it indirectly from editing their den by clicking on the "Switch Your Den" tab and then selecting an empty slot, where they are able to buy both land and ocean dens.


The Den Shop in Coral Canyons is a small structure that is built into the side of the cliff. It has a cobblestone base with a wooden frame and an arched roof. There is a large window in the center of the building with a striped awning above it, which is supported by sticks on either side. In front of the shop is a wooden stool with miniature den models on display. On the other side of the shop is a sign with drawings of dens on it.

The Den Shop in Deep Blue is a small sunken ship that has a window in the side of it. Bright lights shines from inside the window and there is a red and white "Sale" sign above the window. A small wooden sign is placed outside the shop with a castle-like drawing on it.

Land Dens

The Den Shop in Coral Canyons sells both regular land dens and the dens that are sold at the Diamond Shop.

Regular Dens

Dens Members-Only? Gems.png
Winter Small House icon.png Winter Small House No 2,000
Icon of Mushroom Hut.png Mushroom Hut Yes 5,000
Icon of Water Park.png Water Park Yes 4,000
Ol Barn Den 1.png Ol' Barn Yes 5,000
Icon of Small Den.png Small House No 2,000
Icon of Fantasy Castle.png Fantasy Castle Yes 7,500
Icon of Princess Castle.png Princess Castle Yes 6,000
Icon of Volcano.png Volcano Yes 3,000
Enchanted hollow icon.png Enchanted Hollow Yes 7,000
Icon of Treehouse.png Tree House Yes 4,000
Castle Den.png Castle Yes 6,000
Restaurant den icon.png Restaurant Yes 4,000

Diamond Dens

All of the Diamond Shop dens are members-only.

Dens Diamond.png
Friendship-Fortress-Icon.png Friendship Fortress 7
Icon Friendship-Cottage.png Friendship Cottage 7
Igloo Estate Icon.png Igloo Estate 7
Greely`s hideout den shop.png Greely's Hideout 7
Icon of Bounce House.png Bounce House 5
Icon of Pixel House.png Pixel Place 5
Crystal Palace icon.png Crystal Palace 7
Icon of Sky Kingdom.png Sky Kingdom 7
Icon of Peck Den.png Peck's Den 7
Icon of Sol Arcade.png Sol Arcade Den 5
Icon of Sir Gilberts Palace.png Sir Gilbert's Palace 7
Icon Sandcastle.png Sandcastle 7

Underwater Dens

The Den Shop in Deep Blue only sells underwater dens.

Dens Members-Only? Price
Icon of Sunken Ship.png Sunken Ship No 2,500 Gems.png
Icon of Lost Ruins.png Lost Ruins Yes 3,500 Gems.png
Icon Sandcastle.png Sandcastle Yes 7 Diamond Icon.png


  • The only other shop that sells dens is the Diamond Shop.
  • The Den Shop in Coral Canyons is located where the Coral Corner used to be.
  • When it was introduced in 2012, AJHQ called it the "Den Depot" instead of the shop's actual name.
  • After an update on November 19, 2015, dens sold at the Diamond Shop were added to the land version of the Den Shop in Coral Canyons. Additionally, the Den Shop in Coral Canyons received a tag displaying how many Diamonds the Jammer has.
  • The display on the left side of the store displays the Tree House, Castle, and Princess Castle Dens. The display on the right showcases the Restaurant Den.