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The Denstravaganza is a special event where every Den available in the Den Shop is sold at half the normal gem price. It first occurred on May 24, 2012. It returned on January 23, 2014. The event lasts for two weeks and afterward all of the den prices return to normal.


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Den  Current Price
Denstravaganza Price
Castle Den 6,000 3,000
Enchanted hollow icon 7,000 3,500
Icon of Fantasy Castle 7,500 3,750
Icon of Lost Ruins 3,500 1,750
Icon of Mushroom Hut 5,000 2,500
Ol Barn Den 1 5,000 2,500
Icon of Princess Castle 6,000 3,000
Restaurant den icon 4,000 2,000
Icon of Small Den 2,000 1,000
Icon of Sunken Ship 2,500 1,250
Icon of Treehouse 4,000 2,000
Icon of Volcano 3,000 1,500
Icon of Water Park 4,000 2,000


  • This is similar to the Hatapalooza event, which put all hats on sale for 50% off, and the Alphamania event, which put various Alpha-themed dens and clothing items on sale.


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