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The Diamond Exchange is a shop which exchanges Diamonds to Gems. It is located in the Diamond Shop. It allows Jammers to buy Gems using their diamonds.


The Diamond Exchange shop is located on a short wooden table that is shaped like a long rectangle with a slight cover. Scattered on and around the table are loose Gems as well as full tan sacks. The far end of the table has an open treasure chest full of Diamonds with a single Diamond places on a velvet pillow. In the center of the table is a golden balance scale with a single Diamond on one plate and a pile of Gems on the other.

Exchange List[]

Diamond Exchange for Gems
1 1,000
4 5,000
7 10,000
10 15,000


  • The best value always comes from the 5,000, 10,000, and 15,000 gems deals. For 4 diamonds, players get 1,000 more gems than from four 1,000 gem sacks. For 7 diamonds, players get 3,000 more, and for 10, players get 5,000 more.
  • This is the only shop that sells Gems.
  • Jammers can exchange Diamonds for Gems, but not vice versa.