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This article is about the shop inside the building. For the building itself, see Diamond Shop (Place).

The Diamond Shop is a store where Jammers can spend Diamonds. It is located within the Diamond Shop building in Jamaa Township. It was introduced on May 30, 2013, when the Monthly Member Gifts were discontinued and replaced with weekly Diamonds instead. The Diamond Shop sells a wide variety of items such as arcade games, weapons, armor, and Music for Dens; it also sells things that are not items such as Animal avatars, Pets, and dens.


In the center of the shop there is a giant marble Arctic Wolf statue on a stand; next to the statue is a smaller circular platform displaying a Pet Arctic Wolf and a Pet Fox, on the right is a small platform holding a purple gift box with pink ribbon with a paw seal with some diamonds lying next to it. At the top-right of the shop is a stone display table that has an animal mannequin on top for displaying armor sets; the animal and the armor set displayed change depending on the season. On the right side of the Diamond Shop are three more stone display tables with a Legendary Glove, a Snow Cloud, and an Elf Tail Armor at the top - followed by a record player in the middle and two miniature den models at the bottom. In the bottom left corner, there are Mannequins on display. Next to the Mannequin display is the Diamond Exchange. The door of the shop is engraved with a Zios design.


All of these animals can also be purchased through the player's Switch Animals menu by clicking the "make a new animal!" button.

List of Available Animals
Animal Diamond Members-Only
Goat icon Goat 10 Yes
Lion Head Icon Lion 10 Yes
Defaultfennecfox Fennec Fox 10 Yes
Otterface Otter 10 Yes
RoyalRedPandaIcon Royal Red Panda 10 Yes
Owlface Owl 10 Yes
Skunk-icon Skunk 10 Yes
Arctic-Fox-Avatar Arctic Fox 10 Yes
Pigface Pig 5 No
Great Horned Owl icon Great Horned Owl 10 Yes
Direshop Direwolf 10 Yes
SabertoothIcon Sabertooth 10 Yes
Picture clydesdale Clydesdale Horse 10 Yes
Red Panda Icon Red Panda 10 Yes
Falconheader Falcon 10 Yes
Flamingoicon Flamingo 10 Yes
Icon Coyote Coyote 10 Yes
Snowleopardface Snow Leopard 10 Yes
Cheetah Head Icon Cheetah 10 Yes
Cougar Icon Cougar 10 Yes
Llama Avatar 1 Llama 10 Yes
Sheep Icon Sheep 10 Yes
Kangarooface Kangaroo 10 Yes
Slothface Sloth 5 Yes
Arctic-Wolf Icon Arctic Wolf 10 Yes


All pets purchased from the diamond shop cost 3 diamonds.

Pet Diamond Members-Only?
Pet hummingbird1 Pet Hummingbird 3 Yes
Pet monkey1 Pet Monkey 3 Yes
Pet tarantula1 Pet Tarantula 3 Yes
Pet Fox - infobox Pet Fox 3 Yes
Pet owl1 Pet Owl 3 Yes
Pet tiger1 Pet Tiger 3 Yes
Pet arctic wolf1 Pet Arctic Wolf 3 Yes
Pet Raccoon Example Pet Raccoon 3 Yes
Pet eagle1 Pet Eagle 3 Yes
Pet rhino1 Pet Rhino 2 Yes
Pet Sugar Glider choose Pet Sugar Glider 3 Yes
PetLion Pet Lion 3 Yes
Pet polar bear1 Pet Polar Bear 3 Yes
PetPanda Pet Panda 3 Yes
PetPony Pet Pony 3 Yes
PetGecko Pet Gecko 3 Yes
Pet piglet1 Pet Piglet 3 Yes
PetArmadillo-0 Pet Armadillo 3 Yes
Pet elephant being bought Pet Elephant 3 Yes
PetPeacock Pet Peacock 3 Yes
Pet Ferret Infobox Pet Ferret 3 Yes
Pet snowleaopard1 Pet Snow Leopard 3 Yes
PetSkunk Pet Skunk 3 Yes
PetLemur Pet Lemur 3 Yes
Pet-Creator Hippo 1 Pet Hippo 3 Yes
Pet goat Pet Goat 3 Yes
Pet meerkat 2 Pet Meerkat 3 Yes
Pet phantom Pet Phantom 3 Yes
Pet Arctic Fox1 Pet Arctic Fox 3 Yes
Pet Rooster Example 1 Pet Rooster 3 No
Pet Hyena Example Pet Hyena 3 Yes
Chomp shark Pet Shark 3 Yes
Pet Dolphin Pet Dolphin 3 Yes
Pet Koala Animal Jam Pet Koala 3 Yes
Pet Lynx Pet Lynx 3 Yes
Pet Scorpion green Pet Scorpion 3 Yes
Pet Moose example Pet Moose 3 Yes
Pet Poodle example Pet Poodle 3 Yes
Opus Pet Octopus 3 Yes
Example Pet Fennec Fox Pet Fennec Fox 0 Yes
Pet sabertooth Pet Sabertooth 3 Yes
Pet Direwolf example Pet Direwolf 3 Yes
Pet-Dodo-Example Pet Dodo 3 No
Pet FantasyPeacock Pet Fantasy Peacock 0 Yes
Pet-Coyote Pet Coyote 3 Yes
Lovebug Pet Lovebug 3 Yes
FlyingPig Pet Flying Pig 0 Yes
PetDragonfly Pet Dragonfly 3 Yes
PetPangolin Pet Pangolin 3 Yes
PetSnail Pet Snail 3 Yes
PetCamel Pet Camel 3 Yes
PetCaterpillarSelection Pet Caterpillar 3 Yes


Pet Diamond Members-Only?
Pet llama Pet Llama 3 Yes


All dens purchased from the Diamond Shop are for members only.

List of Available Dens
Dens Diamond
Icon of Beach House Beach House 7
Dens Lizas-Garden Liza's Garden 7
Spring Cottage Spring Cottage 7
Greely`s hideout den shop Greely's Hideout 7
Den-Shop Pixel-Place Icon Pixel Place 5
Crystal Palace icon Crystal Palace 7
Icon of Sky Kingdom Sky Kingdom 7
Icon of Sol Arcade Sol Arcade Den 7
Icon Sandcastle Sandcastle 7

Armor/Outfit Sets[]

Each armor set is a collection of five clothing items that match the head, neck, body, legs, and tail.

List of Available Armor/Outfit Sets
Armor/Outfit Sets Types Diamond Members-Only?
Spirit Helmet Spirit Helmet 1-Head 2 Yes
Spirit Amulet Spirit Amulet 2-Neck 1 Yes
Spirit Armor Spirit Armor 3-Body 3 Yes
Spirit Gauntlet Spirit Gauntlet 4-Legs 1 Yes
Spirit Tail Armor Spirit Tail Armor 5-Tail 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Helmet 2017 Flower Helmet 1-Head 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Amulet 2017 Flower Amulet 2-Neck 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Armor 2017 Flower Armor 3-Body 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Gauntlets 2017 Flower Gauntlets 4-Legs 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Tail-Armor 2017 Flower Tail Armor 5-Tail 2 Yes
Wind Helmet Wind Helmet 1-Head 2 Yes
Wind Amulet Wind Amulet 2-Neck 1 Yes
Wind Armor Wind Armor 3-Body 3 Yes
Wind Gauntlets Wind Gauntlets 4-Legs 1 Yes
Wind Tail Armor Wind Tail Armor 5-Tail 2 Yes
Princess Hennin pink Princess Hennin 1-Head 2 Yes
Princess Necklace 2016 pink Princess Necklace 2-Neck 1 Yes
Princess Gown pink Princess Gown 3-Body 3 Yes
Princess Slippers - Purple Pink (1) Princess Slippers 4-Legs 1 Yes
Princess Tail Ribbons - Purple Pink (1) Princess Tail Ribbons 5-Tail 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Helmet Mystical Helmet 1-Head 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Amulet Mystical Amulet 2-Neck 1 Yes
Mysticalarmor3 Mystical Armor 3-Body 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Gauntlets Mystical Gauntlets 4-Legs 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Tail-Armor Mystical Tail Armor 5-Tail 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Helmet 2016 Phoenix Helmet 1-Head 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Amulet Phoenix Amulet 2-Neck 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Armor 2016 Phoenix Armor 3-Body 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Leg-Armor Phoenix Leg Armor 4-Legs 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Tail-Armor Phoenix Tail Armor 5-Tail 2 Yes


The clothing shop sells miscellaneous clothing items that are not considered part of an armor set. All clothing items purchased from the diamond shop are for members only.

List of Available Clothing Items
Clothing Items Type? Diamond
Legendary Glove Blue Legendary Glove 4-Legs 3
Newlongbow Longbow 3-Body 2
Diamond Headbow Diamond Headbow 1-Head 2
Shop Stone-Sword Grey Stone Sword 3-Body 2
Zipper Tail Purple Zipper Tail 5-Tail 2
Mira Feather Pendant blue Mira Feather Pendant 2-Neck 1
Giant moose antlers 1 Giant Moose Antlers 1-Head 2
Spiked Glove purple Spiked Glove 4-Legs 3
DS Winged Collar green Winged Collar 2-Neck 1
Pixelatedkoalahead Pixelated Koala Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated Giraffe Head Pixelated Giraffe Head 1-Head 2
Pixotterhead Pixelated Otter Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated horse head Pixelated Horse Head 1-Head 2
PixelatedLynxHead Pixelated Lynx Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated Cheetah Head Pixelated Cheetah Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated Bunny Head Pixelated Bunny Head 1-Head 2
PixelatedTigerHead1 Pixelated Tiger Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated Raccoon Head Pixelated Raccoon Head 1-Head 2
PixelFoxHead Pixelated Fox Head 1-Head 2
Pixelated Wolf Head Pixelated Wolf Head 1-Head 2

The following items will be removed from the store soon.

List of Clearance Clothing Items
Clothing Items Type? Diamond Time Expired

Den Items[]

This shop sells a variety of furniture and other items for land Dens.


Item Type Diamond Members-Only?
Diamond-Shop Nature-Archway Snow Nature Archway Furniture 3 Yes
Pot O' Diamonds Pot O' Diamonds Furniture 2 Yes
Spring Phantom Spring Phantom Furniture 1 No
Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Decoration 2 Yes
Spring Phantom Hammock Spring Phantom Hammock Furniture 2 Yes
Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Spring Phantom Lawn Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Spring Phantom Lawn Sofa Furniture 2 Yes
Spring Phantom Fountain Spring Phantom Fountain Furniture 3 No
Phantom Flower Garden Phantom Flower Garden Furniture 2 No
Phantom Sprinkler1 Phantom Sprinkler Furniture 3 Yes
Tropical Storm Cloud Tropical Storm Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Springflowercloud Spring Flower Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Diamond-cloud Diamond Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Golden Nest Golden Nest Furniture 2 Yes
Jail Cell Jail Cell Furniture 3 Yes
Covered Wagon Covered Wagon Furniture 2 Yes
Garden-bench Garden Bench Furniture 1 Yes
Garden-archway Garden Archway Furniture 2 Yes
Flowering-garden-bush Flowering Garden Bush PlantIcon 1 Yes
Garden-trellis Garden Trellis Furniture 2 Yes
Tree-stump Tree Stump PlantIcon 1 Yes
Forest-tree-1 Forest Tree PlantIcon 1 Yes
Garden-standing-stones-1 Garden Standing Stones Furniture 1 Yes
Garden-bush-1 Garden Bush PlantIcon 1 Yes
Wildflower-bush Wildflower Bush PlantIcon 1 Yes
Rectangular-garden-hedge Rectangular Garden Hedge PlantIcon 1 No
Post-office Post Office Furniture 3 Yes
Heart-tree-door Heart Tree Door Furniture 2 Yes
Heart-shaped-stone Heart Shaped Stone Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship-crates Friendship Crates Furniture 1 Yes
Postal-drop-box Postal Drop Box Furniture 1 Yes
Stuffed-mailbag-1 Stuffed Mailbag Furniture 1 Yes
Snowy-log-den Snowy Log Den Furniture 3 Yes
Straw-house-den Straw House Den Furniture 3 Yes
Snowy-stump-den Snowy Stump Den Furniture 3 Yes
Village-tower-den Village Tower Den Furniture 3 Yes
Snowy-tree-den Snowy Tree Den Furniture 3 Yes
Snowy-burrow-den Snowy Burrow Den Furniture 3 Yes
Koala-tree-den Koala Tree Den Furniture 3 Yes
Kawaii-lantern-entrance Kawaii Lantern Entrance Furniture 3 Yes
Kawaii-matsuri-takoyaki-booth Kawaii Matsuri Takoyaki Booth Furniture 3 Yes
Kawaii-matsuri-shaved-ice-booth Kawaii Matsuri Shaved Ice Booth Furniture 3 Yes
Kawaii-flying-fish-flag Kawaii Flying Fish Flag Furniture 1 Yes
Kawaii-lantern-display Kawaii Lantern Display WallItem 2 Yes
Kawaii-cotton-candy-display Kawaii Cotton Candy Display WallItem 3 Yes
Kawaii-mask-display Kawaii Mask Display WallItem 3 Yes
Kawaii-odaiko-drum Kawaii Odaiko Drum Furniture 2 Yes
Kawaii-taiko-drum Kawaii Taiko Drum Furniture 2 Yes
Kawaii-matsuri-crepe-booth Kawaii Matsuri Crepe Booth Furniture 3 Yes
Classic-wall-torch Classic Wall Torch WallItem 1 Yes
Snow-covered-wolf-statue Snow Covered Wolf Statue Furniture 2 Yes
Ice-wolf-statue Ice Wolf Statue Furniture 2 Yes
Small-tree-stump Small Tree Stump PlantIcon 1 Yes
Snow-covered-recycle-bin Snow Covered Recycle Bin Furniture 1 Yes
Snowy-water-pump Snowy Water Pump Furniture 1 Yes
Classic-snowman Classic Snowman Furniture 1 Yes
Stacked-wood-pile Stacked Wood Pile Furniture 1 Yes
Wood-chopping-stump Wood Chopping Stump Furniture 1 Yes
Blue-fire-brazier Blue Fire Brazier Furniture 1 Yes
Winter-cabin Winter Cabin Furniture 3 Yes
Rubble 1 Rubble Furniture 1 Yes
Scattered notes 1 Scattered Notes Furniture 1 Yes
Tattered full moon rug Tattered Full Moon Rug Furniture 3 Yes
Scattered books 1 Scattered Books Furniture 1 Yes
Scattered tools and clutter Scattered Tools and Clutter Furniture 2 Yes
Messy dresser Messy Dresser Furniture 3 Yes
Messy desk Messy Desk Furniture 3 Yes
Messy clothes Messy Clothes Furniture 2 Yes
Messy bookshelf 1 Messy Bookshelf Furniture 2 Yes
Gingerbread Tree House1 Gingerbread Tree House Decoration 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default Giant Lion Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Wooden Windmill Wooden Windmill Furniture 1 No
Money Bag Money Bag Furniture 1 Yes
Surf Shop Surf Shop Furniture 2 Yes
Splash Splash Pad Furniture 2 No
Pixel Easel Pixel Easel Furniture 2 Yes
Pool Pool Furniture 3 Yes
Mushroom Water Feature 1 Mushroom Water Feature Furniture 2 Yes
Bottlerockets Bottle Rockets Furniture 2 Yes
Picnic feast table default Picnic Feast Table Furniture 2 Yes
Bundle of sparkles default Bundle Of Sparklers Furniture 2 Yes
Roman candle default Roman Candle Furniture 2 Yes
Panda Chair Panda Chair Furniture 1 No
Panda Sofa Panda Sofa Furniture 2 Yes
Panda Beanbag Chair Panda Beanbag Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Jamaa Township Portal red Jamaa Township Portal Furniture 1 No
Crystal Sands Portal red Crystal Sands Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Coral-Canyons-Portal red Coral Canyons Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Graham's Throne Graham's Throne Furniture 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Lost-Temple-Of-Zios-Portal red Lost Temple Of Zios Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Kimbara-Outback-Portal red Kimbara Outback Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Graham's Mine Graham's Mine Furniture 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mt-Shiveer-Portal red Mt. Shiveer Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Graham's Telescope Graham's Telescope Furniture 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Appondale-Portal red Appondale Portal Furniture 1 Yes
Cat Archway Cat Archway Furniture 2 Yes
Giant Cat Tower Giant Cat Tower Furniture 2 Yes
Waterfall Cat Feeder Waterfall Cat Feeder Furniture 2 Yes
Snow Cloud Snow Cloud Furniture 3 No
Diamond-Shop Rain-Cloud Rain Cloud Furniture 3 No
Diamond-Shop Lightning-Cloud Lightning Cloud Decoration 3 Yes
Rainbow cloud00 Rainbow Cloud Decoration 3 Yes
Caged Phantom circle blue Caged Phantom Decoration 1 Yes
Blue Wolf Mecha Blue Wolf Mecha Decoration 3 Yes
Ghostly Rug white Ghostly Rug Furniture 1 No
Diamond Shop Ghostly Chair Ghostly Chair Furniture 1 No
DS Ghostly Archway white Ghostly Archway Furniture 1 Yes
Phantomizer Phantomizer Furniture 3 Yes
DS Ghostly Sofa white Ghostly Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Ghostly Window Default Ghostly Window Furniture 1 No
Ghostly Table white Ghostly Table Furniture 1 Yes
DS Ghostly Lamp white Ghostly Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Phantom Tiki Statue Phantom Tiki Statue Furniture 1 Yes
Crab Throne Crab Throne Furniture 2 Yes
For Trade Sign For Trade Sign Furniture 1 No
AutomobileSofa1 Automobile Sofa Furniture 2 Yes
For Sale Sign For Sale Sign Furniture 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Sarepia-Forest-Portal red Sarepia Forest Portal Furniture 1 Yes
The Wolf Claw The Wolf Claw Decoration 3 No
The Horse Claw The Horse Claw Decoration 3 No
The Monkey Claw The Monkey Claw Decoration 3 No
The Bunny Claw The Bunny Claw Decoration 3 No
Trapped Phantom circle blue Trapped Phantom Decoration 1 Yes
Giant-Arctic-Wolf-Plushie White Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The Tiger Claw The Tiger Claw Decoration 3 No
The Elephant Claw The Elephant Claw Decoration 3 No
Friendship Sofa 1 Friendship Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Table 1 Friendship Table Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Chair 1 Friendship Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Lamp 1 Friendship Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Wall Art 1 Friendship Wall Art Furniture 1 Yes
Giantroo1 Giant Kangaroo Plushie Decoration 1 No
The Penguin Claw The Penguin Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop Giant-Snow-Leopard-Plushie Giant Snow Leopard Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Koala-Claw The Koala Claw Decoration 3 No
FoxClaw The Fox Claw Decoration 3 No
Mira Waterfall Icon Mira Waterfall Furniture 2 No
GiantSheepPlushie1 Giant Sheep Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The Sheep Claw The Sheep Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant Arctic Fox Plushie 1 Giant Arctic Fox Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
TheArcticFoxClaw The Arctic Fox Claw Decoration 3 Yes
GiantPigPlushie1 Giant Pig Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
ThePigClaw The Pig Claw Decoration 3 Yes
TheEagleClaw The Eagle Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant Coyote Plushie 1 Giant Coyote Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
GiantLemurPushie1 Giant Lemur Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
TheLemurClaw The Lemur Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant-Toucan-Plushie-Original Giant Toucan Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The-Toucan-Claw The Toucan Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant Cougar Plushie Giant Cougar Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The Cougar Claw The Cougar Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop River-Race River Race (Item) Decoration 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Small-Wood-Den-Portal Yellow Small Wood Den Portal Furniture 1 No
The deer claw The Deer Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop Swoopy-Eagle Swoopy Eagle (Item) Decoration 2 No
The Giraffe Claw The Giraffe Claw Decoration 3 No
Giant Hyena Plushie 1 Giant Hyena Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Armoire Puzzle Piece Armoire Furniture 1 Yes
Giant Deer Plushie Giant Deer Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Window red Kingdom Window Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdom Banner 1 Kingdom Banner Furniture 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Table red Kingdom Table Furniture 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Lantern red Kingdom Lantern Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdom Armoire 1 Kingdom Armoire Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdom Fountain 1 Kingdom Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdom Throne 1 Kingdom Throne Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdom Rug 1 Kingdom Rug Furniture 1 Yes
Kingdomfeast1 Kingdom Feast Table Furniture 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Lamp red Kingdom Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Chaise Lounge red Kingdom Chaise Lounge Furniture 1 Yes
DS Kingdom Chair red Kingdom Chair Furniture 1 Yes
ArcticWolfClaw The Arctic Wolf Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phantom-Invasion Phantom Invasion (Item) Decoration 4 Yes
Giant Otter Plush Standard Giant Otter Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The Lion Claw The Lion Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Heart Cloud Heart Cloud Decoration 3 Yes
The Snow Leopard Claw Shops The Snow Leopard Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Jellyfish Window Jellyfish Window Furniture 1 Yes
Seaweed Lamp Seaweed Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Giant-flamingo-plushie Giant Flamingo Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
Ocean Wave chair Ocean Wave Chair Furniture 1 No
Ocean Wave Sofa Ocean Wave Sofa Furniture 2 Yes
NautilusRug Nautilus Rug Furniture 1 No
DS The Flamingo Claw The Flamingo Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Tide-pool-table-animal-jam Tide Pool Table Furniture 2 Yes
Giant Clydesdale Plushie Giant Clydesdale Horse Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
Clydesdale-Horse-Claw The Clydesdale Horse Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Asteroid-Table-Green Asteroid Table Furniture 1 Yes
Meteor-Shower-Window-Green Meteor Shower Window Furniture 1 Yes
DS Asteroid Disco Ball green Asteroid Disco Ball Furniture 1 Yes
DS Asteroid Candy Bowl green Asteroid Candy Bowl Furniture 1 No
DS Moon Rock Lamp green Moon Rock Lamp Furniture 1 No
DS Asteroid Fountain green Asteroid Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
DS Moon Bean Bag Chair white Moon Bean Bag Chair Furniture 1 Yes
DS Asteroid Chair purple Asteroid Chair Furniture 1 No
IcepopChair Ice Pop Chair Furniture 1 Yes
IcePopSofa Ice Pop Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
IcepopTable Ice Pop Table Furniture 1 Yes
ICEPOPWINDOW2 Ice Pop Window Furniture 1 Yes
Icepoplamp Ice Pop Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Giant Melted Ice Pop Giant Melted Ice Pop Furniture 1 No
DS Giant Falcon Plushie purple Giant Falcon Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Giant Salt Shaker Giant Salt Shaker Furniture 1 No
Image (red ketchup chair) Ketchup Chair Furniture 1 No
Mustard Chair Mustard Chair Furniture 1 No
Basket Of Buns Basket Of Buns Furniture 1 No
Giant Pepper Shaker Giant Pepper Shaker Furniture 1 No
Lollipop Basket Lollipop Basket Furniture 1 No
Hot Dog Sofa Hot Dog Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Hamburger Table Hamburger Table Furniture 1 Yes
BBQ Feast Table BBQ Feast Table Furniture 1 Yes
Lollipop Bench Lollipop Bench Furniture 1 Yes
DS Toppings Stand Toppings Stand Furniture 1 Yes
Block Party Grill Block Party Grill Furniture 1 Yes
DS The Sloth Claw The Sloth Claw Decoration 3 Yes
DS Giant Sloth Plushie olive Giant Sloth Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
Straight Waterslide Straight Waterslide Furniture 1 Yes
Epic Waterslide Finish Epic Waterslide Finish Furniture 1 Yes
CornerWaterslide Corner Waterslide Furniture 1 Yes
Water Balloon Bucket Water Balloon Bucket Furniture 1 No
Water Balloon Bean Bag Chair Water Balloon Bean Bag Chair Furniture 1 No
Pet Waterslide Pet Waterslide Furniture 1 No
Giant Bag Of Water Balloons Giant Bag Of Water Balloons Furniture 1 Yes
Pop-Up Carnival Story Book Pop-Up Carnival Story Book Furniture 1 Yes
Book Lamp Book Lamp Furniture 1 No
Giant Open Book Giant Open Book Furniture 1 Yes
Book Chaise Lounge Book Chaise Lounge Furniture 1 Yes
Book Fountain Book Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
Book Chest Book Chest Furniture 1 No
Fancy Book Chair red Fancy Book Chair Furniture 1 No
Large Book Table Large Book Table Furniture 1 Yes
Epic Book Sofa Epic Book Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Dress-Up Trunk Dress-Up Trunk Furniture 1 Yes
Fake Spiders Fake Spiders Furniture 1 No
Glitter Bomb Glitter Bomb Furniture 1 Yes
Confetti Bucket Trap Confetti Bucket Trap Furniture 1 Yes
Splitmilkwildweekend Spilt Milk Furniture 1 No
Chinese Finger Trap Chinese Finger Trap Furniture 1 No
Jar of Peanuts Jar of Peanuts Furniture 1 Yes
Whoopee Cushion Beanbag Chair Whoopee Cushion Beanbag Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Waffle Sofa Waffle Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Waffle Chair Waffle Chair Furniture 1 No
Waffle Table Waffle Table Furniture 1 No
Diamond-Shop Rhino-Claw The Rhino Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop Giant-Owl-Plushie Giant Owl Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Seal-Claw The Seal Claw Decoration 3 No
Clover Cloud Clover Cloud Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Crocodile-Claw The Crocodile Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Kangaroo-Claw The Kangaroo Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Polar-Bear-Plushie White Giant Polar Bear Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Hot Cocoa Machine Hot Cocoa Machine (Item) Decoration 4 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Panda-Claw The Panda Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop Giant-Llama-Plushie Giant Llama Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Raccoon claw The Raccoon Claw Decoration 3 No
Diamond-Shop The-Owl-Claw The Owl Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant cheetah 01 Giant Cheetah Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Cheetah-Claw The Cheetah Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Banana Split Telephone Banana Split Telephone Furniture 1 No
Waffle Feast Table Waffle Feast Table Furniture 1 Yes
Giant Waffle Banana Split Giant Waffle Banana Split Furniture 1 Yes
Theredpandaclaw The Red Panda Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Phantom Ghost Cloud Phantom Ghost Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Giant Red Plushie Plushie 1 Giant Red Panda Plushie Furniture 1 Yes
Thecoyoteclaw The Coyote Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Phantom Cloud Phantom Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Harvest Cloud Harvest Cloud Furniture 3 Yes
Puzzle Piece Sofa Puzzle Piece Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Chair Puzzle Piece Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Window Puzzle Piece Window Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecetable Puzzle Piece Table Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecerug Puzzle Piece Rug Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecevanity Puzzle Piece Vanity Furniture 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecelamp Puzzle Piece Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Fortress Sofa1 Friendship Fortress Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
Epic-Wonders Painter's-Easel Diamond Painter's Easel Furniture 2 No
Giant lynx plushie Giant Lynx Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Otter-Claw The Otter Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant Eagle Plushie Blue Giant Eagle Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
Thelynxclaw The Lynx Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Giant goat plushie Giant Goat Plushie Decoration 1 Yes
The hyena claw The Hyena Claw Decoration 3 Yes
The llama claw The Llama Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Sir gilbert's palace thrones Sir Gilbert's Palace Thrones Furniture 3 Yes
Gothic Fireplace Gothic Fireplace Furniture 1 Yes
VetExamTable Vet Exam Table Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Fortress Chair1 Friendship Fortress Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Temple of zios dog house promo Temple of Zios Dog House Furniture 1 Yes
MiniatureHolidayTreePromo Miniature Holiday Tree Furniture 1 Yes
BestFriendsShelvesPromo Best Friends Shelves Furniture 1 Yes
RainyDayBearPromo Rainy Day Bear Furniture 1 Yes
RoyalCrystalChairPromo Royal Crystal Chair Furniture 1 Yes
The polar bear claw1 The Polar Bear Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Bulky-Golden-Phantom Bulky Golden Phantom Decoration 1 Yes
The goat claw The Goat Claw Decoration 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Falcon-Claw The Falcon Claw Decoration 3 Yes
My Friendship Fortress Shop1 My Friendship Fortress Shop Furniture 5 Yes
Friendship Fortress Lamp1 Friendship Fortress Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Fortress Sconce1 Friendship Fortress Sconce Furniture 1 Yes
Friendship Fortress Rug1 Friendship Fortress Rug Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkTable1 Lucky Skunk Table Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkChair1 Lucky Skunk Chair Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkChaiseLounge1 Lucky Skunk Chaise Lounge Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkLamp1 Lucky Skunk Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkRug1 Lucky Skunk Rug Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkFountain1 Lucky Skunk Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkWindow1 Lucky Skunk Window Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkTreasureChest Lucky Skunk Treasure Chest Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkTrashCan1 Lucky Skunk Trash Can Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkPerfume1 Lucky Skunk Perfume Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkWell1 Lucky Skunk Well Furniture 1 Yes
LuckySkunkArchway1 Lucky Skunk Archway Furniture 1 Yes
GiantFlyingPigStatue Giant Flying Pig Statue Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigBalloons Flying Pig Balloons Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigLamp Flying Pig Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigSofa Flying Pig Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigChair Flying Pig Chair Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigOttoman Flying Pig Ottoman Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigTable Flying Pig Table Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigRug Flying Pig Rug Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigPillow Flying Pig Pillow Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigStreamer Flying Pig Streamer Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigSteppingStones Flying Pig Stepping Stones Furniture 1 Yes
FlyingPigFountain1 Flying Pig Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
Carnation Chaise Lounge 1 Carnation Chaise Lounge Furniture 1 Yes
Magnolia Ottoman 1 Magnolia Ottoman Furniture 1 Yes
Violet Table Violet Table Furniture 1 Yes
DaisyWindow1 Daisy Window Furniture 1 Yes
Tulip Lamp1 Tulip Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
DaffodilUnbrella1 Daffodil Umbrella Furniture 1 Yes
Jasmine Stepping Stones 1 Jasmine Stepping Stones Furniture 1 Yes
Orchid Archway 1 Orchid Archway Furniture 1 Yes
Rose Fountain 1 Rose Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
Lilac Planter 1 Lilac Planter Furniture 1 Yes
Magnolia Chair 1 Magnolia Chair Furniture 1 Yes
SunkenCompass Sunken Compass Furniture 1 Yes
Waterlogged Boot 1 Waterlogged Boot Furniture 1 Yes
Seaweed Streamer-0 Seaweed Streamer Furniture 1 Yes
SunkenOddities Sunken Oddities Furniture 1 Yes
WallBarnacles Wall Barnacles Furniture 1 Yes
Seaweed Canopy-0 Seaweed Canopy Furniture 1 Yes
Ocean Floor Tile 1 Ocean Floor Tile Furniture 1 Yes
Coral Table 1 Coral Table Furniture 1 Yes
CoralChair1 Coral Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Sandy treasure chest Sandy Treasure Chest Furniture 1 Yes
Starfish Wall Art-0 Starfish Wall Art Furniture 1 Yes
Waterlogged Painting 1 Waterlogged Painting Furniture 1 Yes
FairTent1 Fair Tent Furniture 1 Yes
MyBeachHouseShop1 My Beach House Shop Furniture 5 Yes
MyFloatingFantasyShop My Floating Fantasy Shop Furniture 5 Yes
MyHauntedShop My Haunted Shop Furniture 5 Yes
MyBounceHouseShop My Bounce House Shop Furniture 5 Yes
Delicate Gazebo Delicate Gazebo Furniture 1 Yes
DelicateChair1 Delicate Chair Furniture 1 Yes
DelicateTable1 Delicate Table Furniture 1 Yes
Fair Stage Fair Stage Furniture 1 Yes
DS Pinstripe Garland pink Pinstripe Garland Furniture 1 Yes
FairPodium1 Fair Podium Furniture 1 Yes
FairBench1 Fair Bench Furniture 1 Yes
FairMat1 Fair Mat Furniture 1 Yes
NestingJamaalidayTrees Nesting Jamaaliday Trees Furniture 1 Yes
UpsideDownSnowman Upside Down Snowman Furniture 1 No
Ancient Juno Statue Ancient Juno Statue Furniture 1 Yes
Juno's Ancient Flag Juno's Ancient Flag Furniture 1 Yes
Juno's Ancient Tapestry Juno's Ancient Tapestry Furniture 1 No
Juno's Ancient Chair Juno's Ancient Chair Furniture 1 Yes
Juno's Ancient Table Juno's Ancient Table Furniture 1 Yes
Juno's Ancient Lantern Juno's Ancient Lantern Furniture 1 No
Juno'sAncientChaiseLounge Juno's Ancient Chaise Lounge Furniture 1 Yes
JunoMural Juno Mural Furniture 2 Yes
JunoPlaque Juno Plaque Furniture 1 No
Juno Sculpture Juno Sculpture Furniture 2 Yes
BirdFeatherSofa1 Bird Feather Sofa Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherChair1 Bird Feather Chair Furniture 1 Yes
DS Bird Feather Table red Bird Feather Table Furniture 1 Yes
DS Bird Feather Lamp red Bird Feather Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherWindow1 Bird Feather Window Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherRug1 Bird Feather Rug Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherOttoman1 Bird Feather Ottoman Furniture 1 Yes
GiantBirdFeather1 Giant Bird Feather Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherArchway1 Bird Feather Archway Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherSteppingStones1 Bird Feather Stepping Stones Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherBench1 Bird Feather Bench Furniture 1 Yes
BirdFeatherArmoire1 Bird Feather Armoire Furniture 1 Yes
FirePitWithSpit Fire Pit With Spit Furniture 1 Yes
SmallStump Small Stump Furniture 1 No
HiddenCave Hidden Cave Furniture 2 Yes
BigStump Big Stump Furniture 1 Yes
LeafNest Leaf Nest Furniture 1 No
Lean-ToShelter Lean-To Shelter Furniture 2 Yes
BrokenTree1 Broken Tree Furniture 1 Yes
DirtMarking1 Dirt Marking Furniture 1 No
VloggerDesk1 Vlogger Desk Furniture 1 Yes
GamerDesk1 Gamer Desk Furniture 1 Yes
GamerComputer1 Gamer Computer Furniture 1 Yes
GamerChair1 Gamer Chair Furniture 1 Yes
SoftboxLight Softbox Light Furniture 1 No
CameraTripod Camera Tripod Furniture 1 Yes
TableMicrophone Table Microphone Furniture 1 No
VloggerBackdrop1 Vlogger Backdrop Furniture 1 Yes
Maskdisplay Mask Display Furniture 1 Yes
CottonCandyDisplayPromoObtained Cotton Candy Display Furniture 1 Yes
LanternEntrance Lantern Entrance Furniture 1 Yes
MatsuriTakoyakiBooth Matsuri Takoyaki Booth Furniture 1 Yes
MatsuriShavedIceBooth Matsuri Shaved Ice Booth Furniture 1 Yes
Flying fish Flying Fish Flag Furniture 1 Yes
OdaikoDrumPromoObtained Odaiko Drum Furniture 1 Yes
LanternDisplayPromoObtained Lantern Display Furniture 1 Yes
TaikoDrumPG Taiko Drum Furniture 1 Yes
MatsuriCrepeBoothPG Matsuri Crepe Booth Furniture 1 Yes
Elegant End Table Elegant End Table Furniture 1 Yes
Creepy Sconce Creepy Sconce Furniture 1 Yes
Elegant Lamp Elegant Lamp Furniture 1 Yes
Fainting Couch Fainting Couch Furniture 1 Yes
Floating Lamppost Floating Lamppost Furniture 1 Yes
Arched Metal Entryway Arched Metal Entryway Furniture 1 Yes
Floating Chandelier Floating Chandelier Furniture 1 Yes
Playing Piano Player Piano Furniture 1 Yes
Floating Candelabra Floating Candelabra Furniture 1 Yes
FancySectionalMiddle Fancy Sectional Middle Furniture 1 Yes
Steamer trunk (closed) Steamer Trunk Furniture 1 Yes
Old timey phone Old Timey Phone Furniture 1 Yes
GildedFireplace Gilded Fireplace Furniture 1 Yes
Old timey radio (AWAKE) Old Timey Radio Furniture 1 Yes
OldTimeyElevator Old Timey Elevator Furniture 1 Yes
WornCardTable Worn Card Table Furniture 1 Yes
ElegantDiningTable Elegant Dining Table Furniture 1 Yes
FancySectionalCorner Fancy Sectional Corner Furniture 1 Yes
FancySectionalBackEnd Fancy Sectional Back End Furniture 1 Yes
FancySectionalFrontEnd Fancy Sectional Front End Furniture 1 Yes
WolfIceGuardianDiamondShop Wolf Ice Guardian Furniture 1 Yes
IcyWillowDiamondShop Icy Willow Furniture 1 Yes
FloorSnowflakesDiamondShop Floor Snowflakes Furniture 1 Yes
TwirlingSnowflakesDiamondShop Twirling Snowflakes Furniture 1 Yes
IcyFountainDiamondShop Icy Fountain Furniture 1 Yes
StraightStringLights1 Straight String Lights Furniture 1 Yes
FrozenBouquetDiamondShop Frozen Bouquet Furniture 1 Yes
FrozenRoseDiamondShop Frozen Rose Furniture 1 Yes
IcyThroneDiamondShop1 Icy Throne Furniture 1 Yes
IcyChairDiamondShop1 Icy Chair Furniture 1 Yes
IcyTableDiamondShop Icy Table Furniture 1 Yes
StarryRoundPineTree1 Starry Round Pine Tree Furniture 1 No
StarryWidePineTree1 Starry Wide Pine Tree Furniture 1 No
StarryMediumPineTree1 Starry Medium Pine Tree Furniture 1 No
StarryBigPineTree1 Starry Big Pine Tree Furniture 1 Yes
StarryWinterTable Starry Winter Table Furniture 1 Yes
StarryWinterChair Starry Winter Chair Furniture 1 Yes
StarChart Star Chart Furniture 1 Yes
WinterGalaxy Winter Galaxy Furniture 1 Yes
StarryWinterLantern Starry Winter Lantern Furniture 1 Yes
AuroraBorealis Aurora Borealis Furniture 1 Yes
StarryWindow1 Starry Window Furniture 1 Yes
StarryFrozenPond Starry Frozen Pond Furniture 1 Yes
BakingCounter Baking Counter Furniture 1 Yes
KitchenSink1 Kitchen Sink Furniture 1 Yes
StoveTopOven1 Stove Top Oven Furniture 1 Yes
KitchenFridge1 Kitchen Fridge Furniture 1 Yes
KitchenShelves1 Kitchen Shelves Furniture 1 Yes
Blender1 Blender Furniture 1 Yes
WhiskandBowl1 Whisk and Bowl Furniture 1 Yes
StandMixer1 Stand Mixer Furniture 1 Yes
RollingPin Rolling Pin Furniture 1 Yes
DecoratingSupplies Decorating Supplies Furniture 1 Yes
SugarCookieSheet Sugar Cookie Sheet Furniture 1 Yes
LayeredCake Layered Cake Furniture 1 Yes
Macarons Macarons Furniture 1 Yes
CupcakesDenItem Cupcakes Furniture 1 Yes
RockBlock Rock Block Furniture 1 Yes
RockFront Rock Front Furniture 1 Yes
RockSide1 Rock Side 1 Furniture 1 Yes
RockSide2 Rock Side 2 Furniture 1 Yes
RockSide3 Rock Side 3 Furniture 1 Yes
RockBack1 Rock Back 1 Furniture 1 Yes
RockBack2 Rock Back 2 Furniture 1 Yes
StonePath Stone Path Furniture 1 No
StonePathUpperCurve Stone Path Upper Curve Furniture 1 No
StonePathSideCurve Stone Path Side Curve Furniture 1 No
StonePathLowerCurve Stone Path Lower Curve Furniture 1 No
DirtPath Dirt Path Furniture 1 Yes
DirtPathUpperCurve Dirt Path Upper Curve Furniture 1 Yes
DirtPathSideCurve Dirt Path Side Curve Furniture 1 Yes
StraightRiverway Straight Riverway Furniture 1 Yes
DirtPathLowerCurve Dirt Path Lower Curve Furniture 1 Yes
HillBack Hill Back Furniture 1 Yes
CurvedRiverway Curved Riverway Furniture 1 Yes
HillBackSide2 Hill Back Side 2 Furniture 1 Yes
HillBackSide1 Hill Back Side 1 Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperCurve Riverway Upper Curve Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerCurve Riverway Lower Curve Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwaySideCurve Riverway Side Curve Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperEndPond Riverway Upper End Pond Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerEndPond Riverway Lower End Pond Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperEnd Riverway Upper End Furniture 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerEnd Riverway Lower End Furniture 1 Yes
GrassTile1 Grass Tile 1 Furniture 1 No
GrassTile2 Grass Tile 2 Furniture 1 No
GrassTile3 Grass Tile 3 Furniture 1 No
GrassTile4 Grass Tile 4 Furniture 1 No
GrassTile5 Grass Tile 5 Furniture 1 No
GrassTileSideEdge Grass Tile Side Edge Furniture 1 No
GrassTileTopEdge Grass Tile Top Edge Furniture 1 No

Limited Time[]

Item Type Diamond Members-Only?
Hailstormcloud Hailstorm Cloud Furniture 3 Yes


All of the music items are for members only and are sold for 1 Diamond each.


Item Diamond Members-Only?
MysticalMorning Mystical Morning 1 Yes
Bass Camp Bass Camp 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Happy-Go-Lucky Happy-Go-Lucky 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Great-Escape The Great Escape (Music) 1 Yes
Ocean Base Camp music Ocean Base Camp 1 Yes
Twists And Turns Twists And Turns (Music) 1 Yes
Animal jam jamaaliday jingle Jamaaliday Jingle 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Lucky-Clovers Lucky Clovers (Music) 1 Yes
Springfestivalmusic Spring Festival (Music) 1 Yes
Special Delivery Music Special Delivery (Music) 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Chamber-of-Knowledge Chamber of Knowledge (Music) 1 Yes
The hidden falls music The Hidden Falls (Music) 1 Yes
The Forgotten Desert Music Diamond Shop The Forgotten Desert (Music) 1 Yes
Newyearsfortunemusic New Years Fortune (Music) 1 Yes
Meet cosmo music Meet Cosmo (Music) 1 Yes
Liza's garden music Liza's Garden (Music) 1 Yes
Diamond Shop Geckos! Geckos! 1 Yes
Forgottenarchivemusicyo Forgotten Archive (Music) 1 Yes
Alpha Headquarters music Alpha Headquarters (Music) 1 Yes
Ballooshmusic Balloosh (Music) 1 Yes


There are currently no music items on clearance.


A different bundle is released each month containing den items, clothing, and animals, with the occasional addition of dens and pets. Each bundle is sold for members only at a different price ranging between 30 to 40 Diamonds. In all bundles before July 2021, the items in each bundle were sold separately in the Diamond Shop.

List of Bundles
Bundle Diamond Released
Nurturing Vet Bundle 40 May 2020
Start a Band Bundle 40 June 2020
Vivid Space Explorers Bundle 30 July 2020
Doggone Bundle 35 August 2020
10th Birthday Bundle 30 September 2020
Chilling Black Cat Bundle 30 October 2020
Knight Owl Bundle 30 November 2020
Winter Fun Bundle 30 December 2020
Whimsical Winter Lights Bundle 30 January 2021
Best Friends Bundle 30 February 2021
Enchanted Lucky Bundle 30 March 2021
Rainy Day Bundle 30 April 2021
Spring Pool Party Bundle 30 May 2021
Summer Royalty Bundle 30 June 2021
Renaissance Fair Bundle 30 July 2021
Summer Sunshine Bundle 30 August 2021
Royal Harvest Bundle 30 September 2021
Haunted Frights Bundle 30 October 2021
Topaz Treasures Bundle 30 November 2021
Jamaaliday Spirit Bundle 30 December 2021
Frozen Flourishes Bundle 30 January 2022
Curious Amethyst Bundle 30 February 2022
Royal Luck Bundle 30 March 2022
Seriously Silly Bundle 30 April 2022
Elegant Emerald Bundle 30 May 2022
Enchanting Summer Bundle 30 June 2022
Mystic Tide Bundle 30 July 2022
Peridot Bundle 30 August 2022
Autumn Sapphire Bundle 30 September 2022
Creeping Phantoms Bundle 30 October 2022
Wild Thunderbolt Bundle 30 November 2022
Ever-Blooming Jamaalidays Bundle 30 December 2022
Deep Freeze Bundle 30 January 2023
Fantastic Fashionista Bundle 30 February 2023
Lucky Leprechaun Bundle 30 March 2023
Foolish Fun Bundle 30 April 2023
Beachfront Getaway Bundle 30 May 2023
Royal Garden Bundle 30 June 2023
Lofty Heights Bundle 30 July 2023
Ancient Observatory Bundle 30 August 2023
Rockin' Artist Bundle 30 September 2023
Lightside vs Darkside Bundle 30 October 2023
Autumn Arcade Bundle 30 November 2023
Jamaaliday Yule Bundle 30 December 2023
Regal Snowflake Bundle 30 January 2024
Spirit of Friendship Bundle 30 February 2024
Lucky Springtime Bundle 30 March 2024
Silly & Sweet Bundle 30 April 2024
Springtime Frolic Bundle 30 May 2024
Fanciful Royalty Bundle 30 June 2024
Summer Ruby Bundle 30 July 2024


Mannequins were released on November 16, 2017, and they are all members-only and sold for 4 Diamonds each.

Item Diamond Members-Only?
Arctic Wolf Mannequin Arctic Wolf Mannequin 4 Yes
Seal Mannequin Seal Mannequin 4 Yes
Bunny Mannequin Bunny Mannequin 4 Yes
Koala Mannequin Koala Mannequin 4 Yes
Crocodile Mannequin Crocodile Mannequin 4 Yes
Arctic Fox Mannequin Arctic Fox Mannequin 4 Yes
Fox Mannequin Fox Mannequin 4 Yes
Panda Mannequin Panda Mannequin 4 Yes
Penguin Mannequin Penguin Mannequin 4 Yes
Sloth Mannequin Sloth Mannequin 4 Yes
Snow Leopard Mannequin Snow Leopard Mannequin 4 Yes
Tiger Mannequin Tiger Mannequin 4 Yes
Wolf Mannequin Wolf Mannequin 4 Yes
Llamamannequin Llama Mannequin 4 Yes
Lemurmannequin Lemur Mannequin 4 Yes
Coyotemannequin Coyote Mannequin 4 Yes
Elephantmannequin Elephant Mannequin 4 Yes
Giraffemannquin Giraffe Mannequin 4 Yes
Ottermannequin Otter Mannequin 4 Yes
Cheetahmannequin Cheetah Mannequin 4 Yes
DS Clydesdale Horse Mannequin Clydesdale Horse Mannequin 4 Yes
Kangaroomannequin Kangaroo Mannequin 4 Yes
Lionmannequin-0 Lion Mannequin 4 Yes
Monkeymannequin Monkey Mannequin 4 Yes
Owlmannequin Owl Mannequin 4 Yes
Pigmannequin Pig Mannequin 4 Yes
Polarbearmannequin Polar Bear Mannequin 4 Yes
Redpandamannequin Red Panda Mannequin 4 Yes
Rhinomannequin Rhino Mannequin 4 Yes
Sheepmannequin Sheep Mannequin 4 Yes
Toucanmannequin Toucan Mannequin 4 Yes
Eaglemannequin Eagle Mannequin 4 Yes
Falcon Mannequin Falcon Mannequin 4 Yes
Cougarmannequin Cougar Mannequin 4 Yes
Deermannequin Deer Mannequin 4 Yes
Flamingomannequin Flamingo Mannequin 4 Yes
Goat Mannequin Goat Mannequin 4 Yes
Horsemannequin Horse Mannequin 4 Yes
Hyenamannequin Hyena Mannequin 4 Yes
Raccoon Mannequin Raccoon Mannequin 4 Yes
Lynx Mannequin Lynx Mannequin 4 Yes
Sabertooth Mannequin Sabertooth Mannequin 4 Yes

Deep Blue[]

There is a separate section of the Diamond Shop that is located in the Deep Blue ocean area. This shop currently only sells underwater mannequins.

Item Diamond Members-Only?
Octopusmannequin Octopus Mannequin 4 Yes
Seaturtlemannequin Sea Turtle Mannequin 4 Yes
Sharkmannequin Shark Mannequin 4 Yes
Dolphin Mannequin Dolphin Mannequin 4 Yes


  • Animals purchased in the Diamond Shop can be bought again and again when creating a new animal, but for just 1000 Gems. The same goes for the Diamond Shop's pets, which will then be available for 400 Gems.
  • The clothing and den items were originally part of the same shop window, but they were split into two different shop windows when the clothing previews were introduced on May 12, 2016.
  • There was a sale during May 17-22, 2016, where every animal in the Diamond Shop, except for the Hyena, was half-off (5 Diamonds).
  • A weekly sale feature was announced on June 9, 2016, where every week something from the Diamond Shop will be put on sale for half-off, but this was discontinued around 2017.
  • The Pet Rooster was the first non-member pet to be sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • On November 16, 2018, Mannequins were added to the Diamond Shop.
  • On May 7, 2020, the Diamond Shop bundles were released next to the pets and statue.


  • There is a glitch where if the player selects a pet to purchase but then closes the customization screen before purchasing it, the shop window will display how many Gems the player has instead of how many Diamonds they have.
  • There is a glitch where the amount of diamonds would not change after purchasing an item. However, you can still only spend the amount you have.
  • There is a glitch where, when trying to purchase a pet, it will tell you that you already have it, and you buy it for gems instead.
  • There is a glitch that happens when the player have the Animal Jam sound off, putting the mouse over the pets section still makes a noise.
  • There is a glitch where in the Den Items Shop, the first eight den items wouldn't load. If you tried to buy one, it wouldn't show the item in your den, therefore, making the item "invisible"
  • There was a glitch, which is now fixed, where if the player hosted The Forgotten Desert and then bought a non-flying animal from the arctic wolf statue, they could still host The Forgotten Desert as a land animal.

Clothing Preview Glitch[]

There was a glitch where the clothing items could appear as solid magenta, but they could not be purchased. This occurred if the player was previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option. If the player then clicked one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligned in the same slot as the previewed item, when they finally clicked the close-up magnifying glass button they would see a solid magenta variant that wasn't actually available.


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