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This article is about the shop inside the building. For the building itself, see Diamond Shop (Place).

The Diamond Shop is a store where Jammers can spend Diamonds. It is located within the Diamond Shop building in Jamaa Township. It was introduced on May 30, 2013, when the Monthly Member Gifts were discontinued and replaced with weekly Diamonds instead. The Diamond Shop sells a wide variety of items such as arcade games, weapons, armor, and music for dens; it also sells things that are not items such as animal avatars, pets, and dens.


In the center of the shop there is a giant marble Arctic Wolf statue on a stand; next to the statue is a smaller circular platform displaying a Pet Arctic Wolf and a Pet Fox, on the right is a small platform holding a purple gift box with pink ribbon with a paw seal with some diamonds lying next to it. At the top-right of the shop is a stone display table that has an animal mannequin on top for displaying armor sets; the animal and the armor set displayed change depending on the season. On the right side of the Diamond Shop are three more stone display tables with a Legendary Glove, a Snow Cloud, and an Elf Tail Armor at the top - followed by a record player in the middle and two miniature den models at the bottom. In the bottom left corner, there are Mannequins on display. Next to the Mannequin display is the Diamond Exchange. The door of the shop is engraved with a Zios design.


All of these animals can also be purchased through the player's Switch Animals menu by clicking the "make a new animal!" button.

List of Available Animals
Animal Diamond.png Members-Only
Goat icon.png Goat 10 Yes
Lion Head Icon.png Lion 10 Yes
Defaultfennecfox.PNG Fennec Fox 10 Yes
Otterface.png Otter 10 Yes
RoyalRedPandaIcon.png Royal Red Panda 10 Yes
Owlface.png Owl 10 Yes
Skunk-icon.png Skunk 10 Yes
Arctic-Fox-Avatar.png Arctic Fox 10 Yes
Pigface.png Pig 5 No
Great Horned Owl icon.png Great Horned Owl 10 Yes
Direshop.png Direwolf 10 Yes
SabertoothIcon.png Sabertooth 10 Yes
Picture clydesdale.png Clydesdale Horse 10 Yes
Red Panda Icon.png Red Panda 10 Yes
Falconheader.png Falcon 10 Yes
Flamingoicon.png Flamingo 10 Yes
Icon Coyote.png Coyote 10 Yes
Snowleopardface.png Snow Leopard 10 Yes
Cheetah Head Icon.png Cheetah 10 Yes
Cougar Icon.png Cougar 10 Yes
Llama Avatar 1.png Llama 10 Yes
Sheep Icon.png Sheep 10 Yes
Kangarooface.png Kangaroo 10 Yes
Slothface.png Sloth 5 Yes
Arctic-Wolf Icon.png Arctic Wolf 10 Yes

The following animals are still sold but will be removed soon.

List of Clearance Animals
Animal Diamond.png Members-Only Time Expired


All pets purchased from the diamond shop cost 3 diamonds.

Pet Diamond.png Members-Only?
Pet hummingbird1.png Pet Hummingbird 3 Yes
Pet Fox - infobox.png Pet Fox 3 Yes
Pet arctic wolf1.png Pet Arctic Wolf 3 Yes
Pet eagle1.png Pet Eagle 3 Yes
Pet polar bear1.png Pet Polar Bear 3 Yes
PetPanda.png Pet Panda 3 Yes
PetGecko.png Pet Gecko 3 Yes
Pet elephant being bought.png Pet Elephant 3 Yes
PetPeacock.png Pet Peacock 3 Yes
Pet snowleaopard1.png Pet Snow Leopard 3 Yes
Pet-Creator Hippo 1.jpg Pet Hippo 3 Yes
Pet meerkat 2.png Pet Meerkat 3 Yes
Pet Arctic Fox1.png Pet Arctic Fox 3 Yes
Chomp shark.PNG Pet Shark 3 Yes
Pet Dolphin.png Pet Dolphin 3 Yes
Pet Koala Animal Jam.png Pet Koala 3 Yes
Opus.png Pet Octopus 3 Yes
Pet sabertooth.png Pet Sabertooth 3 Yes
Pet-Coyote.png Pet Coyote 3 Yes
PetCaterpillarSelection.png Pet Caterpillar 3 Yes


Pet Diamond.png Members-Only?
PetLion.png Pet Lion 3 Yes


All dens purchased from the Diamond Shop are for members only.

List of Available Dens
Dens Diamond.png
Icon of Beach House.png Beach House 7
Dens Lizas-Garden.png Liza's Garden 7
Spring Cottage.png Spring Cottage 7
Greely`s hideout den shop.png Greely's Hideout 7
Den-Shop Pixel-Place Icon.png Pixel Place 5
Crystal Palace icon.png Crystal Palace 7
Icon of Sky Kingdom.png Sky Kingdom 7
Icon of Sol Arcade.png Sol Arcade Den 7
Icon Sandcastle.png Sandcastle 7

Armor/Outfit Sets

Each armor set is a collection of five clothing items that match the head, neck, body, legs, and tail.

List of Available Armor/Outfit Sets
Armor/Outfit Sets Types Diamond.png Members-Only?
Spirit Helmet.png Spirit Helmet 1Head.png 2 Yes
Spirit Amulet.png Spirit Amulet 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Spirit Armor.png Spirit Armor 3Body.png 3 Yes
Spirit Gauntlet.png Spirit Gauntlet 4Legs.png 1 Yes
Spirit Tail Armor.png Spirit Tail Armor 5Tail.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Helmet 2017.png Flower Helmet 1Head.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Amulet 2017.png Flower Amulet 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Armor 2017.png Flower Armor 3Body.png 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Gauntlets 2017.png Flower Gauntlets 4Legs.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Flower-Tail-Armor 2017.png Flower Tail Armor 5Tail.png 2 Yes
Wind Helmet.png Wind Helmet 1Head.png 2 Yes
Wind Amulet.png Wind Amulet 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Wind Armor.png Wind Armor 3Body.png 3 Yes
Wind Gauntlets.png Wind Gauntlets 4Legs.png 1 Yes
Wind Tail Armor.png Wind Tail Armor 5Tail.png 2 Yes
Princess Hennin pink.png Princess Hennin 1Head.png 2 Yes
Princess Necklace 2016 pink.png Princess Necklace 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Princess Gown pink.png Princess Gown 3Body.png 3 Yes
Princess Slippers - Purple Pink (1).png Princess Slippers 4Legs.png 1 Yes
Princess Tail Ribbons - Purple Pink (1).png Princess Tail Ribbons 5Tail.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Helmet.png Mystical Helmet 1Head.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Amulet.png Mystical Amulet 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Mysticalarmor3.png Mystical Armor 3Body.png 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Gauntlets.png Mystical Gauntlets 4Legs.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Mystical-Tail-Armor.png Mystical Tail Armor 5Tail.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Helmet 2016.png Phoenix Helmet 1Head.png 2 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Amulet.jpg Phoenix Amulet 2Neck.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Armor 2016.png Phoenix Armor 3Body.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Leg-Armor.jpg Phoenix Leg Armor 4Legs.png 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Phoenix-Tail-Armor.jpg Phoenix Tail Armor 5Tail.png 2 Yes


The clothing shop sells miscellaneous clothing items that are not considered part of an armor set. All clothing items purchased from the diamond shop are for members only.

List of Available Clothing Items
Clothing Items Type? Diamond.png
Legendary Glove Blue.png Legendary Glove 4Legs.png 3
Newlongbow.png Longbow 3Body.png 2
Diamond Headbow.png Diamond Headbow 1Head.png 2
Shop Stone-Sword Grey.png Stone Sword 3Body.png 2
Zipper Tail Purple.png Zipper Tail 5Tail.png 2
Mira Feather Pendant blue.png Mira Feather Pendant 2Neck.png 1
Giant moose antlers 1.png Giant Moose Antlers 1Head.png 2
Spiked Glove purple.png Spiked Glove 4Legs.png 3
DS Winged Collar green.png Winged Collar 2Neck.png 1
Pixelatedkoalahead.png Pixelated Koala Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated Giraffe Head.png Pixelated Giraffe Head 1Head.png 2
Pixotterhead.png Pixelated Otter Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated horse head.png Pixelated Horse Head 1Head.png 2
PixelatedLynxHead.png Pixelated Lynx Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated Cheetah Head.png Pixelated Cheetah Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated Bunny Head.png Pixelated Bunny Head 1Head.png 2
PixelatedTigerHead1.png Pixelated Tiger Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated Raccoon Head.png Pixelated Raccoon Head 1Head.png 2
PixelFoxHead.png Pixelated Fox Head 1Head.png 2
Pixelated Wolf Head.png Pixelated Wolf Head 1Head.png 2

The following items will be removed from the store soon.

List of Clearance Clothing Items
Clothing Items Type? Diamond.png Time Expired

Den Items

This shop sells a variety of furniture and other items for land Dens.


Item Type Diamond.png Members-Only?
The Wolf Claw.png The Wolf Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
The Monkey Claw.png The Monkey Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
Trapped Phantom circle blue.png Trapped Phantom 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Small-Wood-Den-Portal Yellow.png Small Wood Den Portal 6Furniture.png 1 No
Diamond-Shop Phantom-Invasion.png Phantom Invasion (Item) 1Decoration.png 4 Yes
Diamond-Shop Hot Cocoa Machine.png Hot Cocoa Machine (Item) 1Decoration.png 4 Yes
Epic-Wonders Painter's-Easel Diamond.png Painter's Easel 6Furniture.png 2 No
Caged Phantom circle blue.png Caged Phantom 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Koala-Claw.png The Koala Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
The Tiger Claw.png The Tiger Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
Diamond-Shop Swoopy-Eagle.png Swoopy Eagle (Item) 1Decoration.png 2 No
Diamond-Shop The-Panda-Claw.png The Panda Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
The Bunny Claw.png The Bunny Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
Mira Waterfall Icon.png Mira Waterfall 6Furniture.png 2 No
Diamond-Shop River-Race.png River Race (Item) 1Decoration.png 2 Yes
Golden Nest.png Golden Nest 6Furniture.png 2 Yes
Pixel Easel.png Pixel Easel 6Furniture.png 2 Yes
Puzzle Piece Sofa.png Puzzle Piece Sofa 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Chair.png Puzzle Piece Chair 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Window.png Puzzle Piece Window 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecetable.jpg Puzzle Piece Table 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecerug.jpg Puzzle Piece Rug 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecevanity.jpg Puzzle Piece Vanity 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzlepiecelamp.jpg Puzzle Piece Lamp 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Puzzle Piece Armoire.png Puzzle Piece Armoire 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Myshop.png My Shop 6Furniture.png 5 Yes
Diamond-Shop Nature-Archway Snow.png Nature Archway 6Furniture.png 3 Yes
StonePath.png Stone Path 6Furniture.png 1 No
StonePathUpperCurve.png Stone Path Upper Curve 6Furniture.png 1 No
StonePathLowerCurve.png Stone Path Lower Curve 6Furniture.png 1 No
StonePathSideCurve.png Stone Path Side Curve 6Furniture.png 1 No
DirtPath.png Dirt Path 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DirtPathLowerCurve.png Dirt Path Lower Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DirtPathSideCurve.png Dirt Path Side Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DirtPathUpperCurve.png Dirt Path Upper Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
CurvedRiverway.png Curved Riverway 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
StraightRiverway.png Straight Riverway 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerCurve.png Riverway Lower Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperCurve.png Riverway Upper Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwaySideCurve.png Riverway Side Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperEndPond.png Riverway Upper End Pond 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerEndPond.png Riverway Lower End Pond 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayUpperEnd.png Riverway Upper End 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RiverwayLowerEnd.png Riverway Lower End 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GrassTile1.png Grass Tile 1 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTile2.png Grass Tile 2 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTile3.png Grass Tile 3 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTile4.png Grass Tile 4 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTile5.png Grass Tile 5 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTileSideEdge.png Grass Tile Side Edge 6Furniture.png 1 No
GrassTileTopEdge.png Grass Tile Top Edge 6Furniture.png 1 No
HillFront.png Hill Front 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillSide1.png Hill Side 1 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillSide2.png Hill Side 2 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillSideCorner1.png Hill Side Corner 1 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillBlock.png Hill Block 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillSideCorner2.png Hill Side Corner 2 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillBackSide1.png Hill Back Side 1 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillBackSide2.png Hill Back Side 2 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HillBack.png Hill Back 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockSide1.png Rock Side 1 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockSide2.png Rock Side 2 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockSide3.png Rock Side 3 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockFront.png Rock Front 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockBack1.png Rock Back 1 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockBack2.png Rock Back 2 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RockBlock.png Rock Block 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePath.png Hedge Path 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePathUpperCurve.png Hedge Path Upper Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePathLowerCurve.png Hedge Path Lower Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePathSideCurve.png Hedge Path Side Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePathCircle.png Hedge Path Circle 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
HedgePathIntersection.png Hedge Path Intersection 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
WoodPlankPath.png Wood Plank Path 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
WoodPlankLowerCurve.png Wood Plank Lower Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
WoodPlankSideCurve.png Wood Plank Side Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
WoodPlankUpperCurve.png Wood Plank Upper Curve 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenHyacinths.png Garden Hyacinths 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenTulips.png Garden Tulips 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenSunflowers.png Garden Sunflowers 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenPoppies.png Garden Poppies 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenViolets.png Garden Violets 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenButtercups.png Garden Buttercups 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenCrocuses.png Garden Crocuses 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenDaffodils.png Garden Daffodils 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenRoses.png Garden Roses 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenLilies.png Garden Lilies 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenSprayBottle.png Garden Spray Bottle 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenBirdHouse.png Garden Bird House 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenClippers.png Garden Clippers 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenSprout.png Garden Sprout 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenSign.png Garden Sign 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenHose.png Garden Hose 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenGnome.png Garden Gnome 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenStatue.png Garden Statue 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardenrasperries.PNG Garden Raspberries 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardeneggplant.PNG Garden Eggplant 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardenpotatoes.PNG Garden Potatoes 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardencucumbers.PNG Garden Cucumbers 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardencabbage.PNG Garden Cabbage 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardenstrawberries.PNG Garden Strawberries 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Gardentomatoes.PNG Garden Tomatoes 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GardenCarrots.PNG Garden Carrots 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Flamingostandee.PNG Flamingo Standee 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Pelicanstandee.PNG Pelican Standee 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Duckstandee.PNG Duck Standee 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Penguinstandee-0.PNG Penguin Standee 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Steamer trunk (closed).png Steamer Trunk 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Old timey phone.png Old Timey Phone 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
WornCardTable.png Worn Card Table 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
OldTimeyElevator.png Old Timey Elevator 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
ElegantDiningTable.png Elegant Dining Table 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GildedFireplace.png Gilded Fireplace 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
FancySectionalFrontEnd.png Fancy Sectional Front End 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
FancySectionalBackEnd.png Fancy Sectional Back End 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
FancySectionalCorner.png Fancy Sectional Corner 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
FancySectionalMiddle.png Fancy Sectional Middle 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Giant Arctic Fox Plushie 1.png Giant Arctic Fox Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Snow-Leopard-Plushie.png Giant Snow Leopard Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
The Snow Leopard Claw Shops.png The Snow Leopard Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Giant lynx plushie.png Giant Lynx Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
Thelynxclaw.png The Lynx Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Polar-Bear-Plushie White.png Giant Polar Bear Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
The polar bear claw1.png The Polar Bear Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
GiantSheepPlushie1.png Giant Sheep Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 No
The Sheep Claw.png The Sheep Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Giant goat plushie.png Giant Goat Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
The goat claw.png The Goat Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
GiantPigPlushie1.png Giant Pig Plushie 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
ThePigClaw.png The Pig Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
StoveTopOven1.png Stove Top Oven 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
KitchenSink1.png Kitchen Sink 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
BakingCounter.png Baking Counter 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
KitchenFridge1.png Kitchen Fridge 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
KitchenShelves1.png Kitchen Shelves 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Blender1.png Blender 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Giant Otter Plush Standard.png Giant Otter Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Otter-Claw.png The Otter Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
WhiskandBowl1.png Whisk and Bowl 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
StandMixer1.png Stand Mixer 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
RollingPin.png Rolling Pin 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DecoratingSupplies.png Decorating Supplies 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
SugarCookieSheet.png Sugar Cookie Sheet 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Macarons.png Macarons 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
LayeredCake.png Layered Cake 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Seal-Claw.png The Seal Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
CupcakesDenItem.png Cupcakes 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
GiantLemurPushie1.png Giant Lemur Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
TheLemurClaw.png The Lemur Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Giant Eagle Plushie Blue.PNG Giant Eagle Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
TheEagleClaw.png The Eagle Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
The Horse Claw.png The Horse Claw 1Decoration.png 3 No
TheArcticFoxClaw.png The Arctic Fox Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Giant-flamingo-plushie.PNG Giant Flamingo Plushie 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DS The Flamingo Claw.png The Flamingo Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
FairTent1.png Fair Tent 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Delicate Gazebo.PNG Delicate Gazebo 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DelicateChair1.png Delicate Chair 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Giantroo1.png Giant Kangaroo Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 No
Diamond-Shop The-Kangaroo-Claw.png The Kangaroo Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
DelicateTable1.png Delicate Table 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Fair Stage.PNG Fair Stage 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
DS Pinstripe Garland pink.png Pinstripe Garland 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default.png Giant Lion Plushie 1Decoration.png 1 Yes
FairPodium1.png Fair Podium 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
The Lion Claw.png The Lion Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
FairBench1.png Fair Bench 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
FairMat1.png Fair Mat 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Giant Clydesdale Plushie.png Giant Clydesdale Horse Plushie 6Furniture.png 1 Yes
Pool .jpg Pool 6Furniture.png 3 Yes
Clydesdale-Horse-Claw.PNG The Clydesdale Horse Claw 1Decoration.png 3 Yes
Splash.png Splash Pad 6Furniture.png 2 No

Limited Time

Item Type Diamond.png Members-Only?
The Penguin Claw.png The Penguin Claw 1Decoration.pngDecoration 3 No
Tropical Storm Cloud.png Tropical Storm Cloud 6Furniture.pngFurniture 3 Yes


All of the music items are for members only and are sold for 1 Diamond each.


Item Diamond.png Members-Only?
MysticalMorning.png Mystical Morning 1 Yes
Bass Camp.png Bass Camp 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop The-Great-Escape.png The Great Escape (Music) 1 Yes
Ocean Base Camp music.png Ocean Base Camp 1 Yes
Diamond-Shop Chamber-of-Knowledge.png Chamber of Knowledge (Music) 1 Yes
Meet cosmo music.png Meet Cosmo (Music) 1 Yes
Liza's garden music.png Liza's Garden (Music) 1 Yes
Diamond Shop Geckos!.png Geckos! 1 Yes
Forgottenarchivemusicyo.png Forgotten Archive (Music) 1 Yes
Alpha Headquarters music.png Alpha Headquarters (Music) 1 Yes
Ballooshmusic.PNG Balloosh (Music) 1 Yes


There are currently no music items on clearance.


A different bundle is released each month containing den items, clothing, and animals, with the occasional addition of dens and pets. Each bundle is sold for members only at a different price ranging between 30 to 40 Diamonds. Later on, the items in each bundle are sold separately.

List of Bundles
Bundle Diamond.png Released
Nurturing Vet Bundle 40 May 2020
Start a Band Bundle 40 June 2020
Vivid Space Explorers Bundle 30 July 2020
Doggone Bundle 35 August 2020
10th Birthday Bundle 30 September 2020
Chilling Black Cat Bundle 30 October 2020
Knight Owl Bundle 30 November 2020
Winter Fun Bundle 30 December 2020
Whimsical Winter Lights Bundle 30 January 2021
Best Friends Bundle 30 February 2021
Enchanted Lucky Bundle 30 March 2021
Rainy Day Bundle 30 April 2021
Spring Pool Party Bundle 30 May 2021
Summer Royalty Bundle 30 June 2021
Renaissance Fair Bundle 30 July 2021
Summer Sunshine Bundle 30 August 2021
Royal Harvest Bundle 30 September 2021
Haunted Frights Bundle 30 October 2021
Topaz Treasures Bundle 30 November 2021
Jamaaliday Spirit Bundle 30 December 2021
Frozen Flourishes Bundle 30 January 2022
Curious Amethyst Bundle 30 February 2022
Royal Luck Bundle 30 March 2022
Seriously Silly Bundle 30 April 2022
Elegant Emerald Bundle 30 May 2022


Mannequins were released on November 16, 2017, and they are all members-only and sold for 4 Diamonds each.

Item Diamond.png Members-Only?
Arctic Wolf Mannequin.png Arctic Wolf Mannequin 4 Yes
Seal Mannequin.png Seal Mannequin 4 Yes
Bunny Mannequin.png Bunny Mannequin 4 Yes
Koala Mannequin.png Koala Mannequin 4 Yes
Arctic Fox Mannequin.png Arctic Fox Mannequin 4 Yes
Fox Mannequin.png Fox Mannequin 4 Yes
Panda Mannequin.png Panda Mannequin 4 Yes
Penguin Mannequin.png Penguin Mannequin 4 Yes
Crocodile Mannequin.png Crocodile Mannequin 4 Yes
Sloth Mannequin.png Sloth Mannequin 4 Yes
Snow Leopard Mannequin.png Snow Leopard Mannequin 4 Yes
Tiger Mannequin.png Tiger Mannequin 4 Yes
Wolf Mannequin.png Wolf Mannequin 4 Yes
Llamamannequin.PNG Llama Mannequin 4 Yes
Lemurmannequin.PNG Lemur Mannequin 4 Yes
Coyotemannequin.PNG Coyote Mannequin 4 Yes
Elephantmannequin.PNG Elephant Mannequin 4 Yes
Giraffemannquin.PNG Giraffe Mannequin 4 Yes
Ottermannequin.PNG Otter Mannequin 4 Yes
Cheetahmannequin.PNG Cheetah Mannequin 4 Yes
DS Clydesdale Horse Mannequin.png Clydesdale Horse Mannequin 4 Yes
Cougarmannequin.png Cougar Mannequin 4 Yes
Deermannequin.PNG Deer Mannequin 4 Yes
Eaglemannequin.PNG Eagle Mannequin 4 Yes
Falcon Mannequin.png Falcon Mannequin 4 Yes
Flamingomannequin.PNG Flamingo Mannequin 4 Yes
Goat Mannequin.png Goat Mannequin 4 Yes
Horsemannequin.png Horse Mannequin 4 Yes
Hyenamannequin.PNG Hyena Mannequin 4 Yes
Kangaroomannequin.PNG Kangaroo Mannequin 4 Yes
Lionmannequin-0.PNG Lion Mannequin 4 Yes
Monkeymannequin.PNG Monkey Mannequin 4 Yes
Sheepmannequin.PNG Sheep Mannequin 4 Yes
Owlmannequin.PNG Owl Mannequin 4 Yes
Pigmannequin.PNG Pig Mannequin 4 Yes
Polarbearmannequin.PNG Polar Bear Mannequin 4 Yes
Toucanmannequin.PNG Toucan Mannequin 4 Yes
Rhinomannequin.PNG Rhino Mannequin 4 Yes
Redpandamannequin.PNG Red Panda Mannequin 4 Yes
Raccoon Mannequin.png Raccoon Mannequin 4 Yes
Lynx Mannequin.JPG Lynx Mannequin 4 Yes
Sabertooth Mannequin.png Sabertooth Mannequin 4 Yes

Deep Blue

There is a separate section of the Diamond Shop that is located in the Deep Blue ocean area. This shop currently only sells underwater mannequins.

Item Diamond.png Members-Only?
Octopusmannequin.PNG Octopus Mannequin 4 Yes
Seaturtlemannequin.PNG Sea Turtle Mannequin 4 Yes
Sharkmannequin.PNG Shark Mannequin 4 Yes
Dolphin Mannequin.png Dolphin Mannequin 4 Yes


  • Animals purchased in the Diamond Shop can be bought again and again when creating a new animal, but for just 1000 Gems. The same goes for the Diamond Shop's pets, which will then be available for 400 Gems.
  • The clothing and den items were originally part of the same shop window, but they were split into two different shop windows when the clothing previews were introduced on May 12, 2016.
  • There was a sale during May 17–22, 2016, where every animal in the Diamond Shop, except for the Hyena, was half-off (5 Diamonds).
  • A weekly sale feature was announced on June 9, 2016, where every week something from the Diamond Shop will be put on sale for half-off, but this was discontinued around 2017.
  • The Pet Rooster was the first non-member pet to be sold in the Diamond Shop.
  • On November 16th, 2018, Mannequins were added to the Diamond Shop.
  • On May 7, 2020, the Diamond Shop bundles were released next to the pets and statue.


  • There is a glitch where if the player selects a pet to purchase but then closes the customization screen before purchasing it, the shop window will display how many Gems the player has instead of how many Diamonds they have.
  • There is a glitch where the amount of diamonds would not change after purchasing an item. However, you can still only spend the amount you have.
  • There is a glitch where, when trying to purchase a pet, it will tell you that you already have it, and you buy it for gems instead.
  • There is a glitch that happens when you have the Animal Jam sound off, putting your mouse over the pets section still makes a noise.
  • There is a glitch where in the Den Items Shop, the first eight den items wouldn't load. If you tried to buy one, it wouldn't show the item in your den, therefore, making the item "invisible"
  • There was a glitch, which is now fixed, where if the player hosted The Forgotten Desert and then bought a non-flying animal from the arctic wolf statue, they could still host The Forgotten Desert as a land animal.

Clothing Preview Glitch

There was a glitch where the clothing items could appear as solid magenta, but they could not be purchased. This occurred if the player was previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option. If the player then clicked one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligned in the same slot as the previewed item, when they finally clicked the close-up magnifying glass button they would see a solid magenta variant that wasn't actually available.


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