For the shop found inside this party, see Dinner Shop.

The Dinner Party is a restaurant-themed party that was first introduced sometime during January 2012. This party is available to everyone and can be found a couple of times on most days.


Dinner party panorama
The Dinner Party is set in a modified Restaurant Den that includes a larger outdoor area filled with extra seating. The party has a small kitchen containing an oven, a fridge, a sink, and counter-tops covered in various foods, which appear to be from the Feast Table. The party has an indoor seating area that is decorated like a restaurant with Diner Booths and Tea Cups. There is also a relaxed pillow seating area consisting of Fancy Tables surrounded by Pillows, Orange Mats and Blue Mats, as well as with Ice Cream Sundaes and Bamboo. This relaxed style seating area is continued outside in the grass but decorated with Candelabra instead.


The party has a single shop near the entrance on a blackboard that sells some of the items that can be found decorating the party. In the kitchen of the party, there are five different foods that the player can pick up and carry with them. These foods are a burger, an ice cream cone, a pink milkshake, a slice of cake, and a doughnut.


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