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Disc Toss is a single-player pet mini-game that can only be played by Jammers that have a Pet Puppy. It was first introduced during March 2012 and it can be found in Appondale and Sarepia Forest as well as the Pets Only Party.


The objective of the game is to collect as many flying discs as possible. The player's puppy will run automatically and the player can make the pet jump to catch discs by pressing space or the left mouse button. As the game progresses, discs will appear more frequently, and the game will end if the player misses three discs.


Red discs that are caught will reward 1 Gem each, and catching a golden disc will reward 14 Gems.


Achievements Description
Lucky Dog Lucky Dog! Catch 25 discs in one game of Disc Toss
Hot Dog Hot Dog! Catch 50 discs in one game of Disc Toss
Top Dog Top Dog! Catch 100 discs in one game of Disc Toss
Catch Me If You Can Catch Me If You Can! Catch 5000 discs total in Disc Toss
Pirate Puppy Pirate Puppy! Play with a Puppy wearing an eyepatch


  • When the player catches 100 golden discs overall, their Pet Puppy will receive a special pet effect that causes bone "clouds" to float up from the pet. The effect matches the pet's color.
  • This was the first pet game to be released.
  • Every 25th disc thrown is a golden disc.


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