Not to be confused with the Golden Dragon Glove.

The Dragon Glove is a members-only land clothing item. It was first released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts during June 2011. It was later re-released in the Diamond Shop on February 20, 2014.


The Dragon Glove is a large glove with four distinct 'fingers'. There is a different coloured claw that sits at the tip of the fingers. on the back of the hand, are darker coloured marks resembling scales. This item comes in eight different varieties.


  • The normal glove does 27 damage to Phantom Webs, while the golden version does 35 damage.
  • During the glove sale, it was 2 Diamonds while the original glove was 3.
  • There is a golden version of the dragon glove that has not been re-released.
  • It was the first Monthly Member Gift along with the Legendary Glove, Mummy Glove and Lava Glove.
  • It has a golden counterpart called the Golden Dragon Glove.


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