Ducky Dash is a members-only game that can be played in Jamaa Township, Crystal Sands, and other locations. It is a pet game that can only be played as a pet Duck in order to play this game.


The objective of this game is to swim away from the waterfall in the river while avoiding obstacles, as well as catching rubber duckies to earn Gems. Being sucked into the looming wave at the left edge of the screen results in the end of the game.


There are five achievements that can be earned in Ducky Dash:

Achievements Description
Duck And Cover! Duck And Cover! Collect 50 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash
Sitting Duck! Sitting Duck! Collect 100 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash
Ducks In A Row! Ducks In A Row! Collect 150 ducks in one game of Ducky Dash
Quack Quack! Quack Quack! Collect 5,000 ducks total in Ducky Dash
Dapper Ducky! Dapper Ducky! Play Ducky Dash with a duck wearing a top hat


  • The duck retains its color and clothing in this game, unlike the Snake in Sssssnake.
  • The color of the frogs differ.
  • This game, like the other two pet games, cannot be bought for use in a den.
  • There is an extremely rare glitch in which one can play Ducky Dash as another pet.
  • If a duck gets 100 golden ducks in total overall, they will gain a pet effect!
  • It used to be located at Coral Canyons, but it was removed sometime after that.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Golden ducks are worth trying to catch, as they give 10+ bonus Gems instead of just one.
  2. Make sure to avoid frogs, as they will stun the duck.
  3. Long lily pad pathways can be traps, resulting in the player becoming stuck.
  4. Frogs can only jump on places that have lily pads.


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