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Dunk-A-Phantom is a single-player mini-game that can be found in the Summer Carnival. It was first introduced during July 2014.


In this game, the player uses a slingshot to launch balls towards a target in order to dunk a Phantom into a tank of water. Hitting near the center of the target will cause it to break and dunk the phantom immediately, but hitting the target anywhere else will make a dent and require a second hit to dunk the phantom. The player has approximately 45 seconds to dunk as many Phantoms as they can before the timer runs out and the game ends.


This game rewards approximately 10 Tickets for every 30 points acquired. Dunking a Phantom provides 25 points, and if the targets are hit consecutively without missing, 10 bonus points are added for each additional Phantom that is dunked. Once the player has dunked 7 phantoms, dunking a Phantom provides 50 points, with bonus points applied like before. Occasionally, a golden Phantom will appear to provide a double-point multiplier when it is dunked.


  • Like most games at the Summer Carnival, this game costs 5 Gems to play it each time and it does not have any Achievements associated with it.
  • This game can be difficult because of depth perception.
  • If the player launches a ball towards the Phantom, it will attempt to dodge it.
    • It is possible to hit the Phantom with a ball if the ball is launched while the Phantom is dodging a previous ball, but this won't reward any points.
  • The phantom will laugh if the player misses the target completely.
  • On the player's very first shot, a path is shown to indicate where the ball will hit when it is launched.


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