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Not to be confused with the Enchanted Eagle or the Legendary Eagle.

For the pet counterpart, see Pet Eagle.


The Eagle is a members-only flying animal that can be used to access areas regular land animals cannot. They were first released at the Diamond Shop on February 20, 2014. They went travelling on May 24, 2018. It was obtainable via purchasing a membership during the month of August in 2019, it came with the Birds of a Feather Bundle.


Powerful and fast eagles are perfect animals for Jammers who are strong and speedy!
~ Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide

Default Appearance

When first bought, the Eagle has a pure white head with matching tail feathers and their body is a pale gray-blue. They have long, erect wings with a large number of feathers on both sides. Ebony semi-circle eyes are followed by a sharp tangerine beak and talons; complete with long, claws on each talon being the same color as the body.


Action Description
Sits with wings folded at side and claws splayed on the ground.
Dances and shares dance moves similar to the Tango on the ground. Jumps into the air, twirls, and gracefully lands mid-twirl.
Sleeps on a cloud mid-air, wings draped down, mouth opening and closing, snoring/relaxing.
Hops up and down with wings flapping when in the air.
Circles around, and swoops down with talons out, appearing to catch their prey.


  • They have a Pet counterpart, the Eagle (pet) and a plush counterpart.
  • Eagles cannot go down any slides such as those found in Crystal SandsMt. Shiveer, or in Sarepia Forest.
  • They are the third animal with their own game, called Swoopy Eagle, with the first being Jamaa Derby (Horses) and the second being Splash and Dash (Dolphins).
  • They are the second animal, besides the Cheetah, to get a "movie" in the Conservation Museum
  • Eagles are one of several birds in Jamaa, but as a flying animal, they are one of the few that can access Royal Ridge, the shop at Coral Canyons.
  • There is an adventure dedicated to the eagles called The Forgotten Desert.
  • There is a glitch that causes Witch Boots to not appear on Eagles when they are worn.
  • On July 21, 2016, the eagle was put on sale for half price for the Weekly Diamond sale.
  • They were set to be traveling on March 2, 2017, but they unexpectedly returned in the following update on March 16, 2017.
  • Like most other new animals, they came with their own video clip called Fowl Play.
  • The Eagle was the first animal to use the Coral Canyons themed background in the animal creation menu, followed by the Coyote.
  • They are Animal Jam Classic's first flying animal, but the second bird (the first being Penguins), created.
  • Like all other Diamond Shop animals, additional Eagles can be purchased for only 1,000 Gems once the first Eagle is purchased with Diamonds.
  • When a Tutu is worn on an Eagle, it appears unusually pixelated and semi-transparent.
  • When an Eagle wears a Skeleton Suit and dances, the Skeleton Suit appears smaller and does not move perfectly in sync with the Eagle.
  • When an Eagle wears a Beanie, the item looks like a Monocle instead when the Eagle is standing still.
  • Eagles are currently the only animals that have 2 special variants: they are the Enchanted Eagle and the Legendary Eagle.


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