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This article is about the shop. For adventure, see Battle for the Beacon.

The Earth Crystal Shop sells phantom-related den items for Earth Crystals. It is located in the adventure Battle for the Beacon and is the first shop ever to be in an adventure.


The Earth Crystal Shop appears to be a wooden stand covered with a purple, turquoise, and blue tarp. There is a sign that says "SALE" on a corner of the wooden stand and a Scared Phantom Statue, Angry Phantom Statue, and a Proto-Phantom Statue displayed in the stand. To the side, there is a Phantom Treasure Chest.


Click Expand to view
Item Earth crystal icon Members-Only?
Phantom-Trophy Shop Phantom Trophy 250 No
Giant-Mechanical-Phantom Shop Giant Mechanical Phantom 150 Yes
Scared-Phantom-Statue Shop Scared Phantom Statue 100 Yes
Angry-Phantom-Statue Shop Angry Phantom Statue 100 Yes
Proto-Phantom-Statue Shop Proto-Phantom Statue 100 Yes
Phantom Goop Canister Phantom Goop Canister 90 Yes
Phantom Lamppost Phantom Lamppost 85 Yes
Phantom-Tube Shop Phantom Tube 80 Yes
Phantom-Treasure-Chest Shop Phantom Treasure Chest 75 Yes
Phantom Fissure Phantom Fissure 70 Yes
Phantom Wall Art Phantom Wall Art 65 Yes
PhantomMatRED Phantom Mat 65 No
Phantom-Tree Shop Phantom Tree 60 Yes
Phantom Rose Bush Phantom Rose Bush 55 Yes
Phantom-Stump Shop Phantom Stump 50 No
Phantom-Fern Shop Phantom Fern 45 No
Phantom Sunflower Phantom Sunflower 40 Yes
Phantom-Grass Shop Phantom Grass 30 No


  • The owner of the shop is presumably Jewel, the bunny standing outside of the shop.