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This article is about the game. For the item, see Eat 'Em Up (Item).

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Eat 'Em Up is a single-player underwater game that is available for both members and non-members. It was first released in Bahari Bay during September 2011, but it was later relocated to Crystal Reef during 2012. The game can also be played in the Sol Arcade or in Jammers' dens in the form of the den version of this game.


The objective of the game is to help a fish survive as long as possible by eating the smaller fish and avoiding the larger fish. The player controls their fish by moving the mouse, and they can eat smaller fish by moving over them. If the player moves too close to bigger fish, they will chase the player's fish over a short distance. The player starts with three lives and can regain lost lives by eating the small star squid that appear occasionally, but the player will lose a life if they run into a larger fish and they will lose the game if they run out of lives.

The game is split into three difficulties (Easy, Medium, and Hard) with six levels each. At the start of each level, a chart will pop up to identify which fish can be eaten safely. As the player's fish eats, it will fill the fish-shaped growth indicator that is displayed along the bottom of the screen. Once the indicator is filled, the player's fish will grow in size and the next level will begin. Higher difficulties require more fish to be eaten in order to grow and advance to the next level. Under the Medium and Hard difficulties, fish that can be eaten will attempt to swim away when the player moves near them.


The player is rewarded with 1 Gem for approximately every 500 points scored. Eating larger fish will give more points, with 100 points awarded for the current largest fish that can be eaten. A score multiplier (up to a maximum of x6) can be obtained by eating multiple fish of any size in a short period.


These are the achievements players can earn by playing Eat 'Em Up:

Achievements Description
Nibble!.png Nibble! Play Eat 'Em Up 5 times
Bite!.png Bite! Play Eat 'Em Up 10 times
Chomp!.png Chomp! Play Eat 'Em Up 25 times
Gulp!.png Gulp! Play Eat 'Em Up 50 times
Om Nom Nom!.png Om Nom Nom! Eat 500 fish in Eat 'Em Up
Big Tuna!.png Big Tuna! Eat 5,000 fish in Eat 'Em Up


  • It and Phantom's Treasure are the only single-player underwater games.
  • It was featured as a playable game in the April Fools' Party.
  • The background implies that the fish grows a significant amount each level, as it zooms out in between levels.
  • The fish in the game are as listed:
    • Fire goby (appears and is eatable in all levels)
    • Damselfish (appears in all levels and eatable starting on level 2)
    • Clownfish (appears starting on level 2 and eatable starting on level 3)
    • Porcupinefish (appears starting on level 3 and eatable starting on level 4)
    • Hawkfish (appears starting on level 4 and eatable starting on level 5)
    • Lionfish (appears starting on level 5 and eatable starting on level 6)
    • Emperor angelfish (appears in level 6 and is uneatable)
    • Based on the player's score if they lose all their lives before completing the game, they get a fun fact about any of these fish
  • Some of the fish in this game can be seen eating each other at the aquarium window of Tierney's Theater.
    • First the playable fish at starter level appears, then gets eaten by the hawkfish, which gets eaten by the emperor angelfish.
  • This game is similar to Feeding Frenzy.
  • The player begins as a small yellow, blue, and green fish with black bulging eyes and a jagged mouth. As the player advances through the levels, the fish's appearance beings to change.


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