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Not to be confused with the Elegant Coffee Table.

The Elegant Table is a members-only den item.


The Elegant Table is a long, rectangular table that is draped in a flowing, white tablecloth. On top of the table are an assortment of foods, such as donuts, strawberries, and cake. There is also a large vase of flowers as a centerpiece. The dishes shown are plates and Tea Pots. This item comes in eight varieties.


The Elegant Table was initially released on April 12, 2014, in Epic Wonders and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Epic WondersApril 12, 2014N/A


  • This item is a part of the Elegant Set.
  • When the flowers are clicked, a bee flies out and buzzes around before flying back into the flowers.
  • When the tiered trays are clicked, a white mouse pops out and steals a strawberry.
  • When the tea tray is clicked, the tall teapot tips over and pours into one teacup.
  • The two front plates of treats can be clicked to "eat" the food. Once a plate is cleared, the food returns automatically.