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The Elephant is a members-only land animal. They arrived in Jamaa on April 16, 2011, along with Appondale. They soon left Jamaa to travel and came back on September 20, 2013. Otto is the Elephant Alpha, with his statue being sold in the Mystery Emporium.

Default Appearance

The Elephant’s default appearance has dark grey skin, dark peach ear-insides, white toenails, and white tusks that point upwards. Their eyes are pure ebony.


Acts Description
Sits upright with front hooves stretched to the front.
They move their trunk around in a disco move.
Lies on the ground, stretches forward, and snores.
A small gallop while lifting its back right leg and front left leg.
They flap their ears and fly very low to the ground, a reference to the movie Dumbo.


  • The species of the Animal Jam Elephant is an African Elephant, as confirmed on The Daily Explorer.
  • They are the second animal to be released after Beta Testing after the Seal.
  • Spiked Collars go around the trunk, while Heart Lockets go around a tusk.
  • When donning an Old Hood and Wings, the wings come out from the hood.
  • Elephants are rumored to have the ability to break the bridge in Coral Canyons, and the ice in Mt. Shiveer, because they are heavy animals. This has not been proven to be true.
  • There is an Elephants only gate in the Adventure The Hive.
  • The special plushies for the Elephant include a plushie with a pair of sunglasses, a bowler hat, or longer tusks.
  • Elephants were most likely the winner of a poll held in early 2011 about what animals should be added. However, Sharks and Crocodiles were also options on this poll, and those animals were later added.
  • When wearing a Jamaaliday Scarf on an Elephant, the Jamaaliday Scarf will go through the ear of the Elephant.
  • The game shows the Elephant being able to jump. However, in real life, Elephants cannot jump.
  • When wearing the Enchanted Faerie Wings and playing, the wings don't appear on the Elephant.
  • The Elephants dance seems to be very similar to The Hustle.
  • When wearing Yeti Claws, they seem to flash on the Elephant's feet.


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