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A graphic made for Enchanted Earth

Not to be confused with Jazwares Toys, as Enchanted Earth was planned to be made by a different company.

Enchanted Earth was an unreleased toy line that was announced in Spring 2015 and planned to be released in either Summer or Fall 2015. It was going to be released by Commonwealth Toy & Novelty and the toys were going to be both figurines and plushies of entirely new characters, ranging from $5 USD to $20 in price.


  • Due to the unique pattern of the Spring Bunny and the time it was released, it's speculated it was released with relevance to Enchanted Earth.
  • The only known name of the Enchanted Earth animals is the pink fox, whose name is Naya.
  • Due to the fact that the toys never were released on their planned date and that WildWorks went on to make toys with Jazwares, it is likely Enchanted Earth will never be officially released.
  • Since it was promoted as "Series 1", it's likely other series of this line would have been made if it was released.