For the hidden shops with AJHQ's Epic Dens, see Epic Dens Hidden Shop.

Epic dens

Accessing Epic Dens in 2015

Epic Dens are Dens that have been chosen by Animal Jam Staff to be put on display for the world of Jamaa. To access the Epic Dens list, click on the castle icon on the World Map, and choose a player's name from the list.


Jamaa-Journal Vol-032 Ask-Shaman-Graham

The explanation of Epic Dens in Jamaa Journal Volume 32

According to AJHQ's past claims, the Epic Dens list is selected based on the number of new den items that a den has and the number of Jammers that have visited the den recently. However, these factors do not guarantee a spot on the list. Generally, dens that are decorated with the most color and creativity are the ones chosen. Dens that have many visitors have an even greater chance of being put on the Epic Dens list, but once a Jammer's den has been featured on the list, the chance of being featured again is much lower.

AJHQ's Epic Den

Epic-Dens Gingerbread-House

An example of an AJHQ epic den on the list

Starting in November 2015, the Epic Dens list began including a custom, members-only den decorated by AJHQ. This den changes periodically, often matching a recently released den from the Diamond Shop. Some of this den's decorations are unreleased items, providing potential hints for what may be released in the future. The den is listed at the top of the Epic Dens list in a divided section on its own.

Hidden Shop

In October 2016, the first of many hidden shops was discovered within one of AJHQ's epic dens. Every one of AJHQ's epic dens since then has been found to contain a hidden shop that can be opened by clicking on an "unreleased" item in the den.


  • The list of Epic Dens changes every six hours.
  • There was once a poll about which dens should be nominated to become Epic Dens, but this is no longer used.
  • Despite the similarity of names, Jammers do not receive an Epic Den Plaque if their den is featured on the Epic Dens list. The Daily Explorer often holds a den contest for the most epic den with a prize of 5 Diamonds (and, more recently, the Epic Den Plaque), but this is not the same as the Epic Dens list.
  • After a player's den is added to the Epic Dens list, the owner can still change the den or lock it. As a result, many of the dens are not seen in the same condition as when they were originally chosen.
  • In AJHQ's Epic Den, most items that would normally have an effect (when clicked) don't work.
  • Unlike Jammer dens, the AJHQ's Epic Den contains den items that are solid, preventing Jammers from walking through them.
  • Player den icons don't appear in the AJHQ Epic den.
  • AJHQ's first custom epic den was the Fantasy Castle.
  • Originally, AJHQ's epic den button including the "AJ" badge that was once used by Animal Jam Guides and continues to be used by non-playable characters in the Adventures. However, the button was later changed to not include the badge.
  • AJHQ's Epic Den is picked/changed biweekly with the update.
  • AJHQ's Epic Den seems to go with whatever event is going on in Jamaa Township, i.e., Halloween and the Epic Haunted Manor.
  • The first hidden shop was found in AJHQ's Epic Haunted Manor and sold the Muddy Paw Prints. This shop was obtainable by clicking on the fourth paw print.


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