The Epic Fox Plushie is a non-member den item that was first released in March 2013. It was formerly obtained by entering a code that came with the Animal Jam Sidekix Fox Plush, an item that was formerly sold at Animal Jam Outfitters.


This is a large orange plushie that is based on the Fox animal. It has patches of white on its cheeks and on the tip of its tail. It has large blue eyes, a small black nose, and pointy pink ears. The front and back paws are a brown color and there is an "AJ" Badge on one of its hind legs. When clicked in a den, the plushie bounces up into the air and folds into a ball similar to how the Sidekix Plush can be folded into a ball.

When the Plushie is folded into a ball, the animals footprints apear around the outside of the ball.

This item has only one version.


  • It is one of eight different Epic Plushies that are based on a real-life Sidekix Plush.
  • The Sidekix were removed from the Animal Jam Outfitters store sometime in 2014, and it is unclear whether or not they will ever return.
  • According to Animal Jam Outfitters, "a few rare plush will come with a special bonus code that awards 1 week of Animal Jam membership, 1,000 gems, and all eight in-game virtual plushies instead of just one!"


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