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This article is about the members-only version released in 2015. For the non-member version released in 2011, see Haunted Mansion.
Not to be confused with the Pet Haunted House.

Epic Haunted Manor

The Epic Haunted Manor is a members-only land den.


The Epic Haunted Manor includes a house similar to the one found in the Haunted House with a dilapidated greenhouse, a living room, and three bedrooms. The house also includes a balcony on the second floor and stairs that lead down to a basement and a waterway. The whole mansion has phantom wallpaper (where it's not torn away). Outside the house is a large grassy area that leads to a glowing, green toxic pond in the bottom right corner and a long, phantom ridge that extends all the way along the right edge of the den and ends at a cliff. The den is set in the middle of the night with a full moon visible above the roof and right next to the cliff.


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  • The Spooky Party takes place in a version of this den.
  • The pictures on the wall appear to move their eyes.
  • If a Jammer steps in the toxic pond, they will turn a bright green tint.
  • This den was released as a replacement for the Haunted Mansion, the previously available den for the Night of the Phantoms.


Unique Patterns[]

Wall Patterns[]

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Floor Patterns[]

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