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The Epic Plushie Scavenger Hunt was an event that started on June 3, 2021, and ended on July 1, 2021. During the event, each of the Epic Plushies was hidden throughout the lands of Jamaa and could be purchased for 1,000 Gems upon discovery.

Plushie Locations

After clicking on a plushie in a location, the player could access a shop that is called the same name as the plushie. There, the player could then proceed to purchase the plushie.

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Plushie Area Location
Epicbunnyplushiehunt.png Epic Bunny Plushie Canyons Pathway The left side of the area among the trees; to the left of the pet adoption icons
Epiccrocplushiehunt.png Epic Croc Plushie Temple of the Ancients The top right side of the room; above a crystal to the right of the Ancient Armory
Epicfoxplushiehunt.png Epic Fox Plushie Coral Canyons Behind the waterfall above the entrance to Epic Wonders
Epicgiraffeplushiehunt.png Epic Giraffe Plushie Kimbara Outback Behind the waterfall next to the entrance to Outback Imports
Epicpandaplushiehunt.png Epic Panda Plushie Jamaa Township The top left corner of the area; behind the pedestal supporting the Mira Statue
Epicpenguinplushiehunt.png Epic Penguin Plushie Mt. Shiveer Behind the rocks located near the sign leading to Sarepia Forest
Epictigerplushiehunt.png Epic Tiger Plushie Chamber of Knowledge Towards the right side of the first floor; above the Owl portrait
Epicwolfplushiehunt.png Epic Wolf Plushie Sarepia Forest Behind the entrance to Sarepia Theater


  • The Epic Plushies given out from the Sidekix Plushies were given a rare tag while the shops from this event sold non-rare Epic Plushies.
  • The format of this event resembles the Journey Book and Spring Egg Hunt since both reward the player for traveling around the lands and locating objects.