This article is about the shop. For the place, see Epic Wonders (Place).

The Epic Wonders is a shop that sells clothing and den items that are generally much more expensive than the items sold in other stores around Jamaa. It is located behind the waterfall in Coral Canyons and it was introduced on December 1, 2011.


There are two different orbs which sell different items. The green orb on the top floor sells clothing and the blue orb on the bottom floor sells den items.

Den Items

List of Available Den Items
Items Gems Members-Only?
Pixel Easel Pixel Easel 2 Diamond Icon Yes
Epic-Wonders Painter's-Easel Diamond Painter's Easel 2 Diamond Icon No
Epic-Wonders Scorpion-Throne Red Scorpion Throne 1,750 Yes
Epic-Wonders Ruby-Birthstone Ruby Birthstone 1,500 Yes
Golden Soccer Ball Golden Soccer Ball 1,500 Yes
Golden Soccer Goal Golden Soccer Goal 2,000 Yes
EW Giant Sea Shell tan Giant Sea Shell 1,100 No
Giantmossypond Giant Mossy Pond 1,500 Yes
Animal Jam Phantom Throne Phantom Throne 2,500 Yes
Crater With Meteorite Crater With Meteorite 2,500 Yes
EpicTrainSet Epic Train Set 1,000 Yes
Epic Wonders Orb Default Epic Wonders Orb 2,500 Yes
PrincessVanity Princess Vanity 850 Yes
Elegant Curtains Default Elegant Curtains 1,500 Yes
Elegant Hanging Rug Elegant Hanging Rug 1,250 Yes
Elegant Table Clock red Elegant Table Clock 1,500 Yes
Elegant Sconce red Elegant Sconce 1,500 Yes
Elegant Coffee Table red Elegant Coffee Table 1,000 Yes
Elegant Chair red Elegant Chair 1,000 Yes
Elegant Couch red Elegant Couch 1,500 Yes
Zios rug00 Zios Rug 1,500 Yes
Cherry Blossom Tree Cherry Blossom Tree 1,500 Yes
Elegant table1 Elegant Table 2,000 Yes
Pet Fantasy Castle Shops Pet Fantasy Castle 2,500 Yes
Birthstone Display Birthstone Display 1,000 Yes
Diamond on Display Diamond on Display 4.500 Yes
Cuckoo Clock Cuckoo Clock 2,250 Yes
Dessert Table Dessert Table 2,000 Yes
Epic Seasonal Tree SUMMER12-13-14 Epic Seasonal Tree 2,250 Yes
Fancy Vanity Fancy Vanity 3,000 Yes
GoldBrick Gold Brick 10,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Silver-Brick Silver Brick 5,000 No
Bronzebrick Bronze Brick 2,500 No
Cake Bake Kitchen Cake Bake Kitchen 4,500 Yes
REDSPORTSCar Red Sports Car 6,000 Yes
Giant Trapped Phantom Giant Trapped Phantom 3,500 Yes
Feast Table Feast Table 4,500 Yes

Clothing Items

List of Available Clothing Items
Items Type? Gems Members-Only?
Epic-Wonders Fairy-Princess-Hat Pink Fairy Princess Hat 1Head 1,250 Yes
Epic Egyptian Hat purple Epic Egyptian Hat 1Head 1,500 Yes
Opal Earrings blue Opal Earrings 1Head 1,250 Yes
Fancylei Fancy Lei 2Neck 1,500 Yes
Amethystearrings Amethyst Earrings 1Head 1,250 Yes
Ruby Earrings Ruby Earrings 1Head 1,250 Yes
Three Horned Armor pink Three Horned Armor 3Body 1,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Golden-Unicorn-Horn Golden Unicorn Horn 1Head 3,500 Yes
CosmicNecklace1 Cosmic Necklace 2Neck 1,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Epic-Antlers Brown Epic Antlers 1Head 1,500 Yes
Scorpion Tail Armor orange Scorpion Tail Armor 5Tail 1,500 Yes
Epic-Wonders Scorpion-Claws Orange Scorpion Claws 4Legs 1,250 Yes
Scorpion Armor orange Scorpion Armor 3Body 1,000 Yes
Spiked Spine 1 Spiked Spine 3Body 2,000 Yes
Golden Pirate Sword Golden Pirate Sword 3Body 2,500 Yes
Diamond Anklet 1 Diamond Anklet 4Legs 1,000 Yes
Opal-Necklace Blue Shop Opal Necklace 2Neck 800 Yes
Firefly 1 Firefly Necklace 2Neck 1,500 Yes
RUBY RING00 Ruby Ring 4Legs 1,000 Yes
Branch Antlers 1 Branch Antlers 1Head 1,750 Yes
Gem Encrusted Necklace blue Gem Encrusted Necklace 2Neck 1,500 Yes
Sapphire Ring white Sapphire Ring 4Legs 1,000 Yes
Turquoise Ring 1 Turquoise Ring 4Legs 1,000 No
Turquoise Bracelet Turquoise Bracelet 4Legs 1,250 Yes
Turquoise Necklace teal-brown Turquoise Necklace 2Neck 1,500 Yes
Golden Royal Cape Golden Royal Cape 3Body 2,000 Yes
Dragonfly Wings blue Dragonfly Wings 3Body 3,000 Yes
Crossbow 1 Crossbow 3Body 2,250 Yes
Diamond Necklace blue Diamond Necklace 2Neck 3,250 Yes
Golden Wings Golden Wings 3Body 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Silver-Glove Silver Glove 4Legs 2,000 No
Epic-Wonders Nunchucks Purple Nunchucks 3Body 4,000 Yes
Diamond Earrings white Diamond Earrings 1Head 3,000 Yes
Epic-Wonders Golden-Bow-And-Arrows Golden Bow And Arrows 3Body 4,500 Yes
Golden Glove Golden Glove 4Legs 4,000 Yes
DiamondRing Diamond Ring 4Legs 3,000 Yes
Dual Samurai Swords Dual Samurai Swords 3Body 2,200 Yes


  • Epic Wonders sells many recurring items such as the Birthstones Collection.
  • There have only been thirteen Rare Item Monday items sold in the Epic Wonders.
  • It would cost 130,000 gems to purchase all of the visible gold bricks in front of the orb on the first floor.
  • The Painter's Easel and the Pixel Easel are the only items that have ever sold for Diamonds in Epic Wonders.

Clothing Preview Glitch

There was a glitch where the clothing items could appear as solid magenta, but they could not be purchased. This occurred if the player was previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option. If the player then clicked one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligned in the same slot as the previewed item, when they finally clicked the close-up magnifying glass button they would see a solid magenta variant that wasn't actually available.


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