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The Flamingo is a members-only land and flying animal. It was officially announced on July 20, 2017, and was released on August 3, 2017, in the Diamond Shop. It was obtainable via purchasing a membership during the month of August in 2019, it came with the Birds of a Feather Bundle. It returned again on April 8, 2020, but left on September 18, 2020. It was released again on March 4, 2021, but left on August 6, 2021. It returned again on April 7, 2022.

Default Appearance

The Flamingo's face is lavender and looks similar to the Toucan’s, with a big beak and big eyes. It has long, magenta-purple legs, and lavender-pink feathers. The tip of its beak is magenta-purple as well, and it has solid black eyes. Its neck is curved in an S shape. It has a tuft of feathers standing upon its head pointing backward.


Act Description
The Flamingo sits down on its legs as if it is kneeling.
The Flamingo jumps around and waves its wings.
The Flamingo kneels down and puts its head down, and closes its eyes. It bobs slightly.
The Flamingo jumps high then slowly flutters downwards.
The Flamingo does limbo with a bamboo setup, somewhat similar to the Sloth.


  • The second color of the Flamingo (the beak tip and legs) is hidden. Once it is changed, it cannot be changed back.
  • It was first hinted at on July 13, 2017. The hint consisted of a picture of Crystal Sands with the Flamingo's legs out of focus and off to one side.
  • It is the first animal to have the Crystal Sands background.
  • Unlike other flying animals, Flamingos do not flap their wings while idle.
  • There is a line of plushies for the flamingo. The Flamingo Plushie and the Giant Flamingo Plushie.


  • If the flamingo wears any Royal Cape, the wings show through it.
  • If a Heart Balloon is worn on a Flamingo, it will show up as a Clover Blanket.
  • There is a glitch where a Clover Blanket will change color when equipped.
  • There is a glitch that causes the Knitted Sweater to be covered in a dark-colored mass in the sweater's shape. The original sweater can be seen underneath. The sweater appears normally in the Change Your Look menu.
  • When a flamingo wears a Mask, the mouth does not seem to appear.
  • If a Designer Skirt is worn on the flamingo, a glitch will occur where it looks like the top part is broken.
  • If Galoshes or Hunter Boots are worn on the Flamingo, the talons will clip through them.
  • There is a glitch where a Rocker Jacket will switch its colors when equipped.
  • When a flamingo wears any variant of the Dyed Rocker Hair, its colors will change to a variant not found in-game.
  • If a Flamingo wears a Diamond Headbow, it will appear on its neck.


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